Relationships Stories

K is for Kentucky

“Bros before Dominoes” I said to Joe as we were playing  a game of Chicken Foot or Mexican train dominoes and he kept winning. Joe is my best friend, but he is more like an older brother and his family is definitely like my family.

On Saturday we went to a UK football game and before that we did a little tailgating Kentucky style. There was a plethora of people camped out around the stadium hours beforehand with their UK Blue pop up tents, televisions, generators and ice chests overflowing with beer and brats. We hadn’t eaten lunch and so I gorged on a some chicken wings, 2 hot dogs, chips and dip and some serious dessert.

After the tailgating we went to the game and UK lost in overtime, but wow, what a great experience. The crowd was really into the game and there is nothing quite like watching sports live. There seems to be this community of people who come together for a moment all hoping and wishing for the same thing – VICTORY. The battle raged on the field and in the stands as we cheered on the Wildcats with a C-A-T-S – CATS! CATS! CATS! but alas, Tennessee defeated us in the end.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing racquetball and eating as well as hanging some with Joe’s wife Amber, Amber’s best friend Nicole, Joe’s daugther Abi and of course Amber’s parents Steve and Thel.

Steve thought he would take his 58 year old body and play some racquetball against Joe and I and what a mistake! After a few falls and a tight hamstring we finally called it a day. But it was so fun playing one of my favorite sports with two of my favorite people.

It was a great Thanksgiving weekend and I’m thankful for the friends and family the God has put in my life.

How was your Turkey Day?


Give Thanks

Whoa. Where has this year gone? I can’t believe that I have been self-employed now for almost a full year. It’s been a wild ride and I have a lot to be thankful for. It seems that every time I was in a bind and my operating cash was getting close to a big fat ZERO God swooped in and blessed me with a job that paid just enough to pay my bills and to restock the fridge.

I don’t always have everything that I want, but I always have everything I need.

So a big Thanks goes to God this year for not only providing me with so much, but also for stretching my faith.

What are you thankful for this year?


When Will I Become a Butterfly?

For the past few years I feel like I’ve been trapped in a cocoon and I’m struggling to GET. OUT.

Every time I feel like I am about to have a breakthrough – financially, physically, spiritually, I always seem to have a large setback. Bills and injuries seem to descend upon me at the penultimate moment, the moment that they will be the most devastating or crushing. Not only to my actual person, but also to my emotional psyche.

The constant failures have worn me down. I used to be this mountain of determination, I’m now a nice flat plain of apathy. I still try, I just don’t have high expectations of success for myself. What I do now is I try to have small victories instead of big ones. I think that is what life has become for me. Every day I try to have some small victory. I try not to buy a Starbucks coffee, I try to go to the gym, I try to eat healthy, I try to read my Bible. I try to pray.

People often ask me, “Why aren’t you married?” and the main reason I think is because I don’t feel I’m at my best for someone at the moment. I wouldn’t want to marry me in my present state. My affairs aren’t all in order, my priorities aren’t where they need to be. My career goals are still unsettled. Those are things I can fix before I settle down.

There are days that I have small victories and I feel that a series of small changes will one day turn into a great accomplishment. Every day I try to become a better person and one day I will burst out of this cocoon and fly, but for now, I’ll continue to struggle and grow and in the end, I’ll be stronger for it.


Weddings, Weddings, Weddings…

I just DJ’d a wedding last night and I’ve got another one to do today. This isn’t as easy as you might think because when weddings are so close you start to forget which bride asked you to “be sure and play some Pat Green” or “Don’t play any Single Ladies by Beyonce!”

I take lots of notes and I bring them with me to the reception, but when you are in the heat of the moment going from punk to funk all while taking requests and interacting with the crowd it’s hard to stop and look at your notes.

For some reason last night I felt like I was in some weird time warp while playing music from multiple generations. Perhaps it was the myriad of lights I had going that were whirring at a frenetic pace that made me feel as if I was tripping on acid, or it could have been the music being so loud next to me or the fact that I cut my finger very deeply and lost about a pint of blood. I’m not sure what it was but I was off my game all night.

Microphone feedback is never good, but to have feedback twice for me is unheard of. Couple that with strange volume issues and general lethargy and you have a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, I held myself together and at the end of the night I felt like I had done a good job. Did I rock the party clean off their feet? Yes and No. But I don’t always consider that to be my problem. Some groups aren’t as wild as others and not every party is going to be an off-the-charts success (but most of mine are).

Tonight I have wedding number two and I expect that it will be a little more rocking since the reception starts at five and people will most likely be more awake and lively. We’ll see how it goes. What’s going on in your world?


Indecent Exposure

Lately I’ve been extremely interested in human behavior and human sexuality. What makes us do the things we do? Attraction is so bizarre and so unique and yet so general. I just don’t get it. I often wonder if the human sex drive wasn’t such that it is, if humans would cease to exist.

Imagine our ancestors without running water, living in tents or houses without soap or deodorant. Men sometimes didn’t takes baths for a year at a time and who knows what women did for feminine products.

So today I received this Crime Watch Bulletin and it got me wondering why as humans we do some of the stupid things we do. This kid is a teenager exposes himself to a young girl. Apparently there is some sexual thrill for this, but what causes someone to want to do this? It seems that most odd sexual behaviors are the product of something that has happened to us, but I can’t see what could cause someone to want to expose themselves?


The following event was reported to the Plano Police Department.

OFFENSE NUMBER: 2009-205509
OFFENSE TYPE: Indecent Exposure
LOCATION/STREET: Green Oaks and Cherokee Trail (Spring Creek Pkwy/Custer Rd, Mapsco 658 C)
DATE: 10/14/09 (Wednesday) TIME: Between 6:00pm-7:00pm

DESCRIPTION: On 10/14/09 a female walking in the area of Green Oaks and Cherokee Trail observed the suspect vehicle drive up to her location at which time the suspect made a comment to the female, opened the vehicle door and then exposed himself.  The female left the location and contacted the police department.  The suspect left in an unknown direction.

If you have any information regarding this offense please contact the Plano Police Department.

SUSPECT INFORMATION: White male, late teens, brown hair, pierced right ear.