Marry Me

Marry Me… Reason #94

Men will jump through hoops, bend over backwards, and do acrobatic tricks to win over a girl and then once he has her he will stop doing the tricks it took to win her heart. I will never stop doing tricks – till death do us part.

Marry Me

Marry Me… Reason #91

I am confident in the fact that I will disappoint you in some areas, but in knowing this, I will work even harder to please you in the ways that I know I can.

Marry Me

Marry Me… Reason #88

Because I will write you something like this…

I danced upon the stars last night
I bit into the moon
I ran the rings of Saturn
Then bounced over to Neptune

I soared into tomorrow
And drank of the milky way
I played a harp with an Angel
From night time until day

I knocked on the doors of heaven
I rang the Bells of Hell
I asked them both the meaning of life
But neither one would tell

I tried to tell the future
I almost forgot my past
I laughed in the face of adversity
Because I was with you at last

You make my life a dream
You wipe away reality
You take away my pain
When you are here with me.

I’d swim the sea of space
I’d travel a light year mile
I’d wrestle with God himself
Just to see you smile.

I’ll always be there for you
You make my heart soar
You are the reason men fight battles
You are worth fighting for.

You are my reason
You are my hope
You are my everything
I love you, I want you
In this life, and for eternity…

Hope you have someone to love this Valentine’s Day…

I’ve published this before, but I feel like have to publish it every Valentine’s Day.

Marry Me

Marry Me… Reason #3

Mosquitoes find me irresistable.

Marry Me

Reason #1When you need something removed from …

Reason #1

When you need something removed from someplace really high, I have these long arms, so I can reach it.