The One I Scared Away

The One I Scared Away


Stream Energy Sucks Ass

I've been using Stream Energy now since July 9, 2007. I bought a new house and for 3 months my bill was only $67 dollars. I figured this was an error so when I received an adjusted invoice for 3 months for $500 dollars I expected it. However, it is now March and I just received a bill for $927.00. I called because I thought it was just an error and they said, "No, we billed you based on estimated usage, not actual usage." When I told them that I live alone and that my bill had never been over $250 even in the hottest months of August and September, he said that I might have squirrels in my attic chewing through the wiring.

So basically I am stuck with a bill for 450 dollars for 2 months worth of electricity. My house is only 1700 square feet and I normally keep the thermostat in the low 70's in the summer and around 68 in the winter.

It just doesn't add up. I could understand an increase of a 100 dollars, but for my bill to double without a good reason makes me believe that somehow I am being scammed.
My rate is .1350 and they said I used 3392 Kwh in one month of electricity.



I Hate to Admit it But...

I am really getting into this World Cup Soccer. With 3 billion people watching it how can I not? I saw David Beckham bend it today - his single point helped England beat Paraguay.

And... I am in love with Shakira. Her hips don't lie and neither do mine...


I Hate to Admit it But...

I freakin love Hogan Knows Best. Not only that, I want his wife and his kids. I want Hulk Hogans life... and I plan to have one just like it someday.

I Hate to Admit it But...

I think Tom Cruise is cool. He is weird and zany, but he is true to himself. He speaks his mind. He is committed to Scientology despite the fact that it is insane.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I am really into this new Dixie Chicks song: I'm Not Ready to Make Nice.

Because I'm not, and I am in a foul mood today. Foul without real reason. So watch your back.


I Hate to Admit it But...

But I can't stop listening to:

Pink - Cuz' I Can and I'm Not Dead

The Fray - How to Save a Life and Over My Head

The beginning of Over My Head is so emotional it's like taking a long drag on a good smoke. You inhale it deeply and you feel it deep in your chest.

Dixie Chicks - I'm Not Ready to Make Nice

And of course I am watching What About Brian? What 30 year old guy isn't. I was in love once with my best friends Gal. I am 3o. I'm single. It's my life.

From the website:

What About Brian Premieres April 2006

Brian is the guy everyone wants as a best friend. He's the guy who'll stand by you at your wedding, drive you to the hospital, cheer your kids on at their little league game... the guy who every wife dotes on and every husband wants to either grab a beer with or live vicariously through him. But as all of his friends pair off and Brian emerges as the last bachelor standing, questions begin to arise in his head: Is there such a thing as Miss Right? Why does love have to be so complicated? What is his problem with commitment? And the most pressing question of all, could all of his problems stem from the fact that he is harboring a crush on his best friend's girl? At 34, Brian is the last single guy in his group of friends: his best friend Adam was going to break up with picture-perfect Marjorie but proposed instead. Brian's sister, Nic, and her boy-toy husband, Angelo, are trying hard to have kids. The bohemian Dave and Deena have three little girls and no sex life. And, like all married people, they can't wait for Brian to join their "club," though they're not exactly sure why. As for Brian, well, he's a serial monogamist but still holds out hope that one day he'll open the door and be blinded by love.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I never thought Tori Spelling was all that Attractive on Beverly Hills 90210. However, the new Tori Spellling, THE Tori Spelling who plays herself in VH1's SO NOTORIOUS is absolutely, positively, insatiably smoking hot gorgeous. She is funny. F-U-N-N-Y in this new show and I can't get enough of it. I hope I can download it someday from iTunes.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I am VERY disappointed in Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. As a kid I found it second only to Cookie Crisp. Now, it doesn't even taste the same. Over the years the "toast" has become smaller. The sugar has become blah and the cinnamon tastes bland. Maybe it is my taste buds changing, but I think it is actually that the cereal has changed. There is a visual difference and I want my old CTC BACK!!!

So I plan to start making my own miniature pieces of toast and then baking them until they are crisp and delicious and then putting them in a bowl and drenching them with milk and eating them. No more need for boxed cereal - I am making my own!!!


I Hate to Admit it But...

I haven't been investing my future like I should. My sister invests in coins and real estate, but not me, nope, I just plan to die at an early age so I don't have to worry about retirement and social security. But just in case you are thinking about living a long life, then you might want to look into buying some coins like the American Silver Eagle.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I don't like "Everybody loves Raymond" it is just not for me, too much bickering on the show for my taste.


I Hate to Admit it But...

1. I fell the other night at a Mavs game while trying to get off the floor in a hurry. Thousands of screaming fans witnessed my 300 pound body flopping around on the floor. That thunder you thought you heard the other night - that was me falling. Hard. ON MY KNEES! Ouch! So my right knee has a huge sore on it now that has turned into a scab which leads me to part to of this "I hate to admit it..." post.

2. This scab is at the itchy stage and I CAN'T. STOP.PICKING.IT.!!! It hurts and feels so good at the same time. However, it feels more good than it hurts because now there is so little left to pick that I wish there was more to pick at and then my friends could help me pick it too!

you can pick your friends and you can pick your scabs... but can you pick your friends scabs? YES! If you are friends with me!


I Hate to Admit it But...

I have worn the same pair of jeans for the last 2 weeks without washing them.

Once, a good friend of mine came and stayed the weekend with me - we shared the same towel the entire weekend, I told him to use the blue side, I would use the red side - okay, it didn't have sides.

My ears are always waxy - why is that? I have to use q-tips all the time. Does anyone else have such waxy ears? Ear wax is gross.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I like this song until I saw the video.

It looks like the guy is committing suicide because he can't have this beautiful girl. Guys, this is not what you do when you can't have the girl - what you do is you fight for her if she is till available. If she is unavailable, you find one that is...

James Blunt - Your Beautiful Video

The vocals on this are unbelievable, they are so warm and fluid you can just drink them up.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I always get addicted to MTV's shows like The Gauntlet 2, the Gauntlet, and The Inferno! Can you get enough of this show? It is just out of control competition reality goodness and badness all rolled into one and I watch it over and over because MTV will show the same show like 5 times in one day.


I Hate to Admit it But...

This site got kicked off of Google Ads. I requested that my users click on my Google Ads in two different posts and that is against the rules. WHO READS THE RULES??? I didn't.

Anyway, when they block you, they block your URL, so if you have other URL's you can still use the ADS there, just not on your extremely popular Posted Note website that gets over 5000 unique visitors a month.

I was just trying to get PAID! If you know what I mean.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I am a huge fan of Dolly Parton. I don't know why. Maybe it was when we were little and we went to Corpus Christi my parents played her tape over and over and over. Jolene, Coat of Many Colors, Momma Ran off with my Travelin' Man - they have stuck with me for probably 20 years. If they came on the radio right now I bet I could sing them word for word.

And she is so lively and that twang of her voice, how can you not love her?


I Hate to Admit it But...

Over the weekend I watched America's Next Top Model - it was a marathon of women posing, and turning and walking and crying and I was totally drawn in by it. The final two was Yoanna and Mercedes - and I didn't get to see who finally won. Who won?


I Hate to Admit it But...

I ran out of my Kenneth Cole Black cologne a couple of weeks ago. I like to smell good and this week I was feeling a little less than fresh and I needed to be somewhere - and so instead of showering I just spritzed myself all over with Febreeze.

I've decideded Febreeze will be my new fragrance. I even bought Febreeze scented Tide today.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I don't get the buzz about BECK. I don't think I have heard a song one of his that I liked. What about you? Do you like Beck?


I Hate to Admit it But...

I can't stop thinking about Gyro's today. I want one so bad right now. I plan to get one after a meeting I have today at 1:00, but until then my stomach is going to growl and growl until I fill it with spicy GYRO!! I don't eat much Greek, but when I do, I go to Greek Isles and I eat up on the Gyro.


I Hate to Admit it But...

In order to increase blog traffic to my site I have been inquiring with a few of my international friends as to some names of some international superstars.

So far The Russian tells me I need to add stories and information about Sharapova and Putin. However, I can find very little information on them so I am going to resort to using other things like this:

David Beckham Nude colored shirts
Sharapova is in love with Eddie Renz
Brooke Burke looks good on Rockstar INXS
Federov is a tennis player
Fedarov is a body builder
Jessica Simpson is tanning too much
Bam Margera thinks Eddo is cool!
Justin Timberlake is totally trying to copy Eddie Renz's dance moves
Lost - Lost - Lost - when is the New SEASON OF LOST!!! I can't freakin' wait!!!
Jason Mulgrew wishes he was as hot as Eddie Renz
Christina Aguilera is ghetto
Missy Elliot's new Album "The Cook Book" is really a Cookbook
Mariah Carey's new song, "We Belong Together" is about her relationship with Eddie Renz and how it took a wrong turn
The Black Eyed Peas are stealing ideas from Outkast
I am in love with Katie Holmes
I would like to be Tom Cruise for a day
I would also like to be Bruce Willis for one day
and lastly, I would aslo like to be Alec Baldwin for a day - or since he is married to Kim Basinger, I would like to be Alec Baldwin for a lifetime!


I Hate to Admit it But...

Last night I had a dream that I was at the drive thru at Burger King. They had this contest going where after you placed your order they would play three songs and if you named the singers correctly you won cash!

The person in front of me won 400 dollars and I thought that I had one as well because I named two out of the three songs. One of the songs was, "Grind with Me" by Pretty Ricky, and the other one was by Mariah Carey, "Shake it off". I can't recall the other one.

Anyway, the entire scene at Burger King was really long and I thought the contest was really cool. Could you imagine having to guess a song through one of those drive thru speakers!


I Hate to Admit it But...

I put a brand new bottle of magic shell in the fridge. It hardened in the bottle. I was LIVID because I really wanted to eat it.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I am somewhat of a blog snob. If I go to a blog that I love but the design is ugly I can't help but want to perform an extreme makeover on it immediately.

Sometimes all a blog needs is a better masthead or a better layout and they will be bangin! But alas, so many people are bankrupt in the design department and so their blog looks broke.

Really, if I was rich and I had all the free time in the world, I would redesign websites for free just because I love it so much.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I am extremely materialistic. I want so much crap and I am determined to have it. Is that so bad? I don't want stuff so bad that it causes me to do illegal things to get it, but I want to live a lifestyle of ease. I want to be able to afford massages and Hockey tickets anytime I want. I want a Range Rover and a nice house. I want to be able to travel and lavishly enjoy myself with nice rental cars and provate beaches. I WANT IT, I WANT IT, I WANT IT!!!


I Hate to Admit it But...

Last night after doing 45 hard minutes on an ellyptical machine I went to the grocery store to buy eggs.

When I arrived in the dairy section I found that they had the cutest little packages of cookie dough for .25 cents. I had to buy four becuase they were so cute and so cheap!


I Hate to Admit it But...

I watched VH1's Surreal Life last night and I loved it. Pepa from Salt-n-Pepa has got to be one of the coolest women I have ever seen on reality tv. She kept her cool numerous times on the show when I know personally I would have thrown a fit.

This season's stars include Omarosa, Jose Conseco, and Bronson Pinchot. Who would have ever thought Bronson would be so bizarre? Oh, wait, he was always bizarre.

Anyway, I watched with rapt fascination as these "has been's" tried to help Janice Dickinson cope with being "groped" by Pinchot. That was practically the entire show and Pinchot didn't really grope her, he just hugged on her a bit and she freaked a beak.

I am really appreciating Maksim's cable this summer it is much better than having it myself because I know I would be such a couch potato if I had full access to this trash 24-7.


I hate to Admit it But...

I am actually watching The Real World - Austin. I live here in Texas and so I justify it with that. I am over at Maksim's as we speak and I just finished watching it. He has wireless internet and so I am maksimizing on this opportunity to blog and watch at the same time.

And now that reality show - The 70's House is on and it looks really groovy. I'll let you know what I think about. If you saw it let me know what you think.

jump back and kiss yourself!

I Hate to Admit it But...

I am huge but I have a gnat's bladder. Or maybe I have to go to the bathroom so much because I insist on hydrating with at least a gallon of water each day. All I know is that right now I am about to explode even as I type this.


I Hate to Admit it But...

In the summer I am addicted to Gold Bond Select Comfort.

I used to see guys in the locker room using Gold Bond and I didn't know what it was. I asked my buddy Josh, "What is that stuff you are sprinkling in your boxers?" and he said, "Oh, it's like baby powder for me, it feels like soft like angels against your skin."

Obviously I knew I had to try it and so I used it not knowing that it is medicated with menthol and if your skin is wet then it burns. It is supposed to keep you dry and comfortable in the pant area.

Well, needless to say I didn't like it and so I never used it again until I found Gold Bond Select Comfort. If you have leather seats and it is 100 degress outside you tend to sweat and if you put the Gold Bond Select comfort in your shorts it keeps you nice and dry and fresh as a baby's tookus.

It just makes you feel clean. I suggest it to anyone and everyone that is currently living in Texas in this heat and humidity. If I could I would sprinkle it from head to toe in an effort to stay cool and dry all day long - but then I would look like Casper the ashy ghost.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I am not a fan of the Fig Newton. I am actually quite a bit of a cookie snob and here is how I rate my cookies.

1. Chocolate Chip - preferably Mrs. Fields Milk Chocolate Walnut
2. Oreos
3. Nutter Butter's
4. Pecan Sandies

If I bake my own cookies I really like my Neiman Marcus cookies - the chocolate chip kind with milk chocolate chips and pecans. My friend at work Christy makes some of the most amazing Chocolate Chip cookies that are really number 1 on my list, but since none of you can have those then I didn't think it was fair to throw that reality into your face.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I am still a little t-o'd at Anonymous for leaving these cowardly comments on my site. For some reason I just can't let it go.

The funny thing is that no one has asked me why I haven't been reading their blogs and I have never told anyone that their blog was ugly and boring - I just said that crap becuase I felt like saying something controversial.

Here is the post if you need to get caught up on the full story.

Anonymous said...
Wait a minute. Didn't I see somewhere on your page that you're a Christian? Is that right? Sad to see that you seem to be living up to that bad reputation you've gained amongst some other bloggers.
3:28 PM

I don't mind people calling me on the carpet, but I don't like it when people throw out the "You're a Christian" card - as if Christians are supposed to be perfect - we are human too, saved by grace, not our good deeds and our passive blogging.

Eddo said...
Ha ha! Anonymous! Finally someone says something controversial. Sorry I stopped visiting your blog - it was ugly and boring.
3:43 PM

I only said this because I thought that Anonymous was joking - who knew they were for real, and since I didn't know who they were how could I be serious about their blog being ugly and boring?

Anonymous said...
You're a jerk, Eddie. This is my last time reading your blog. Oh, and by the way, you have no clue how to punctuate, and your grammar skills are atrocious. Say whatever you like, I'll not be back to read your reply.


I Hate to Admit it But...


I just went to this site hoping to find something to better enable me to dunk my cookies. I found it in a Google Ad. It is so dumb and genius at the same time.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I am not as smart as I thought I was - this is mostly right, but I thought I had a better vocabulary than this...

Your English Skills:

Grammar: 80%

Spelling: 80%

Punctuation: 60%

Vocabulary: 20%


I Hate to Admit it But...

I haven't brushed my teeth in two days... I ran out of toothpaste and so when I got back from Hawaii I squeezed out a little bit in a tube that I found in my bathroom drawer. Then I got home last night and realized that I was still out of toothpaste, but it was close to midnight so I just brushed without paste.

This morning I still didn't have any toothpaste and so I had to brush again without it... don't worry today I will get some extra-strength toothpaste and use some of my Crest White Strips for an extra good clean!


I Hate to Admit it But..

I have crossed that line, I have made the leap, I am ADDICTED.

I sit here in front of my computer at work and I get these pop-ups that tell me when I get a new message. However, I keep reaching for my BlackBerry to check and see if I have new mail!!! I already know that I don't because when I am at work I have already read it!!!!

The BlackBerry has truly become a CrackBerry! I can't stop checking it. If I am watching TV, I keep it nearby, when I am at the movies, I want to check it, whenI am at a traffic light, I check it, when I am driving down the road at 80 miles an hour - I HAVE TO CHECK IT!!!

I have to have my "fix" about every 15 minutes. It is getting way out of hand.


I Hate to Admit It But...

I am now over being sick. The feeling of food poisoning is gone. I no longer want certain foods, but I am starved for something, and that something just so happens to be everything that is not on my diet - and you know what, after being sick I feel like I deserve a treat, and so today I ate a bunch of crap - most of it was delicious, but most of it just made me feel sick.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I am turning into a diet Nazi. In order to be a diet Nazi you have to have a few of these traits.

A. Get angry at fast food commercials
B. Be upset with people you don't even know for being grossly obese
C. Make it your personal goal to help America lose weight
D. Look down on people that eat at Wendy's, McDonalds, or Taco Bell.
C. Let your friends know that what they are eating, while they might think it is healthy, is not - such as the consumption of Orange Juice, Carrots, Corn, Potatoes, Apple Juice, Honey, and raisins.
E. Get upset with the government for making people think that they can consume all the low-fat and fat-free products that they want and not get fat.
F. Get upset at the FDA

I will stop there. I am STILL overweight, and I know how hard it is to lose weight and so I really have no reason to be such a Diet Nazi, but I am becoming one - so I apologize in advance if I look at you with a condescending glance while you are drinking a Dr. Pepper or eating a bag of Cheetos.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I just don't get what is so great about a gmail account? Can someone please tell me? I mean people have been coming up to me and saying, "I have a gmail account, do you?" And I reply, "Um... have you met me? Of course I have gmail account, I am ALWAYS up on the latest trends." However, I already have a work email account, a yahoo mail account, and a .postednote.com email account and I don't need anymore email accounts, but, I have one so people will stop trying to add me to the exclusive gmail club - which really isn't all that exclusive.


I Hate to Admit It But...

I am a bit OC (Obsessive Compulsive) when it comes to new music that I love.

I recently downloaded "Let Go" by Frou Frou. It is featured on the Garden State Soundtrack. I can't help but freakin' love it. I have listened to this song no less than 50 times in the last 2 days. I just close my eyes and listen. I imagine that I am not here, but in some sort of music video where everything is sped up and people are moving around really fast and that I am just sitting there, watching all of it happening, moving at normal speed.


I Hate to Admit it But...

There are some people out there that are better than me when it comes to design... I know, I know, hold back the gasps, it's true, I have seen them with my own eyes, one of them is Roger Ferris, Jes Ferris' husband.

I constantly have to work toward being more creative and improving my skills, but there is just so much to learn - alas, I better get crackin'!


I Hate to Admit it But...


Not really gay but I could go for a hi five and a cool handshake.

For real though, don't you just want to hang out with Will? Did you see Hitch, wasn't he just cool. And didn't you grow up watching The Fresh Prince? And remember his cool song Summer, Summer, Summa time...

Last night big Will was on Jay Leno and he was so funny, he's just laid back sippin' on gin and juice with his mind on his money and his money on his mind.


I hate to admit it but...

Today I have DEODORANT BREAKDOWN... I haven't even been sweating that much... Ugh. I just got this new sporty scent Degree - some new kind that is marketed at young hot men like myself. Now, after just six hours of wear I stink. Not bad or anything, but bad enough that I know if I went to the gym without putting on more deodorant that I would really start to smell. AND I NEVER SMELL!!! I abhor smelly people. I have a great nose and it is very sensitive to all sorts of things, I can normally tell what type of deodorant a person is wearing, or the shampoo that they used or didn't use in the morning, so Degree Super Sporty Scent in a Silver Bottle - you SUCK!!


I hate to admit it but...

I think I dealing with a small amount of ROID RAGE. The other day I was backing out leaving Big Time at Bob's Hamburger joint in Denton. (I LOVE THEIR HAMBURGERS!!!) I was 3/4th's of the way out of my spot when this little car goes zipping by from the left and so I politely stop even though I had been backing out and they should have waited for me. So, I re-initiate my reversal when this mini-van tries to speed up and zip past me instead of patiently waiting 2 seconds for me to back out. I was like HEEEELLLLL NO!!! (Insert black person head swivel here) I slammed on the gas moving swiftly backward fully impeding their forward progress and scaring the crap out of them simultaneously. They laid on the horn hoping to hault my assault but I continued to move backward nearly crushing them with my oversized bumper. I was soooooo close to stopping my vehicle, getting out of my car, walking over to their window and letting them know just how RUDE they were for trying to zip around me. Instead I let out a shriek of burnt rubber in protest to their boorish behavior.

IBeing the immensely hungry carnivore that I am, I devoured by burger complete with carb infested bun. It was delicious.


I hate to admit it but...

I have this problem with only being able to really commit to one thing at a time, por ejemplo (for example) If I am writing a novel, then nothing else takes precedence, nothing. If I am on a diet like South Beach and working out, then I won't go grocery shopping, balance my checkbook, clean my apartment- nothing like I should, my whole focus becomes drinking the right amount of water, eating the right amount of food, and working out with weights and doing cardio. Then I will finally take a break and come up for air and I realize that I have been in some sort of focused black hole, a vortex that has consumed me, and left me depleted and haggard. I am working on it though, last week I actually did all of my 6 loads of laundry at one time - I haven't put it all up yet, but at least it is all clean!


I hate to admit it but...

Sometimes I have to drop it like it is hot... drop it like it's hot...

This is me and Jen - Tony's girlfriend - that girl is CRAZY on the dance floor - but so much fun.

Here we are all together at this little whole in the wall bar where we SET. IT. OFF. and then we left leaving everyone wishing that we would have stayed.

I don't remember all these pictures being taken of me... but I have some more that I might post later...


I hate to admit it but...

Playas I am addicted to the 3-6-00000 - thas right, Dance 360 on UPN 21 - where all my brothas and sistas go to kick it old school, new school, and drop out! Word. It is my newest CRIZAZE!!

For real, this show is really fun if you are into dancing like I am - I love to bust a move... check it out... http://www.dance360.net/


I hate to admit it but...

I am fascinated by Venus and Serena Williams. I think they look great here, so many people underestimate them and even call them manly or masculine because they are so muscular - but hey, I don't mind a little muscle - I just don't like those freaky bodybuilding women - now that is just scary - but Venus and Serena are hot!

I hate to admit it but...

I can't stop eating out!!! I go out and I buy groceries and I eat breakfast at home and dinner at home, but I WANT TO GO OUT TO EAT AT LUNCH!!!!! I just don't want to be at home by myself in the middle of the day - it is so boring. When I go out to lunch a lot of the time I just sit around and read... which I could do at home, but it just ain't the same, there is a difference- you are alone, but you aren't alone- there are people around and I think sometimes people just need to be around people.


I hate to admit it but...

Benihana Japanese Steak House is Deadly! If the chef doesn't kill you by flinging shrimp in your direction, then the price or the low ceilings will.

I am all for going out and having a good time and for Valentines day I went with Cody's family and Dumas to Benihana. It was a blast, but I couldn't help but think that it was a little pricey for a little chicken and steak. If you want to leave with a full stomachin it is going to cost you a minimum of 25.75. That gets you the cheapest entree - steak and chicken and you have to pay 2.75 for fried rice. It is all delicious, and you are really paying for the chef that is cooking it right in front of you, but still, it is a little on the high side.

Read the article below for more on this subject...

Benihana Chef's Playful Food Toss Blamed for Diner's Death


I hate to admit it but...

After reading so many Valentine's Day blogs I suddenly wish I had a Valentine...


I hate to admit it but...

I am really getting into Bodybuilding. I find myself spending hours surfing the net reading about the best Bodybuilding supplements. Should I take Creatine or Creatine Ehtyl Ester? What should I eat before workouts, what do I need to eat after? Should I start the South Beach Diet while I am taking Fizogen On-Cycle or should I wait? Am I spending too much money on supplements? Why can't I seem to lose weight even though I have increased my cardio by 300%?

I am going to Hawaii in May and so I need to look like Arnold Schwarzenneger soon so that I can show off my buff tanned body in some cool board shorts. I think with my skin tone and size that I can totally pass myself off as a local... Mohalo!


I hate to admit it but...

I actually watched the first episode of "The Simple Life 3 - Interns".

I always find myself stumbling on to this ridiculous reality show and then settling there the same way you find yourself watching Jerry Springer. You know it is something that you shouldn't watch, you know you don't really care who the daddy is of that baby, but for some reason you just can't keep from watching.

Paris Hilton and Nicolle Richie are really something of an enigma - it is just puzzling to see how two people can become famous for no reason at all. They are not talented, they don't perform, they are not even that pretty, they're just rich.

I will say this about Paris Hilton, there is something about her that is alluring, I don't think she is pretty or beautiful in the traditional sense, but she is eye-catching.


I hate to admit it but...

If I could afford them I would probably take sterroids. Why? Because I want to know what it would be like to be huge and ripped and muscular in just 2-3 months. I work out at a minimum of 5 hours a week, that's 20 hours a month, 240 hours a year- and I will never be as big as I could be if I took roids. Do I care about the side effects? Yes. But, when you look around at all these bodybuilders- including Arnold Schwarzenneger who have taken them, you can't help but think, "Well, they look alright, so why shouldn't I give them a try?"

Right now I am still single and I don't have a lot to lose, if I was married with kids then there is no way I would touch the stuff, but since it is just me and I would only be doing them for a couple of months then I would probably try them.

Do I know how wrong it is- yes. Do I know how stupid it is to take short cuts? Yes. But it doesn't change the fact- I mean, look at all the women out there who get breast implants despite the risks.


I hate to admit it but...

I am weird when it comes to smells. I sometimes hold my breath when I am passing somene and I think they might be smelly. I have a really strong sense of smell, and sometimes the way people smell grosses me out, especially that smell of people after they have come from a restaurant.


I hate to admit it but...

I have no idea what to say to people when they are hurting. How do you comfort someone with mere words? You tell them it's going to be alright, that they are going to get better, but it never feels like enough. I am looking to find a process that will advance the evolutionary cycle at a much faster rate, because if you watch X-Men, the next time we evovle we will have super powers, and I hope that my super power will be healing and the ability to say something really comforting every now and then.


I hate to admit it but...

I admire Barbara Streisand, Cher, Bette Midler, Oprah, and Martha Stewart. Each of these women are very successful and their longevity and popularity in such a fickle society as America is even more fascinating.


I hate to admit it but...

It is 30 degrees outside and I am wearing sandals because I have no cleans socks! ugh. I hate doing laundry at the laundromat.


I hate to admit it but...

Last weekend when we were up at my Grandmothers, I was talking to my cousin Andie. Andie is a seven year old girl and she is really smart and a little chatter box. Well, I realized that all she has is older brothers at home and no one around to teach her how to play patty cake- the really cool way where you say, "Have a coke and a little bit louder, have a coke and a little bit louder, etc." So I taught her and then I taught her a cheer, "Red Hot, Red Hot, R-E-D Red H-O-T Hot once we start we just can't stop- RED HOT!!" She loved it, and then she said, "You're just like a girl!" and she didn't say it as if it was a negative but a positive and that is when I realized that I needed to go watch some football and drink some beer.

I should have had an older brother growing up, this is what happens when all you have is sisters.


I hate to admit it but...

I am a little vain when it comes to my appearance. I have been working out and when I finally have huge arms and a six pack I am going to be unbearable to be around, I can already feel the arrogance coming on! Somebody, humble me quick!


I hate to admit it but...

There are certain things that drive me crazy-

1. Highwater pants- I want so badly to tell you how ridiculous you look.


I Hate to Admit it But...

I like Bath and Body Works Cool Citrus Basil lotion. I like to put it on my hands not because I want smooth hands, but because it smells so dang good!


I hate to admit it but...

I signed up for the Blog Your Novel thing that Blogger is doing...

You can find "Forget Me Note" Here.


I hate to admit it but...

I went and watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason- Alone no less. And like the first one, I loved it. Perhaps I should add that to a my reasons to Marry Me- I like a good Chic Flic every now and then- except for Stepmom- that movie was a tearjerker!!


I hate to admit it but...

I ate at McDonalds yesterday for lunch. I just HAD to have some of those new chicken selects. They weren't that good, after eating them all I felt fat and bloated and greasy. Don't eat at McDonalds.


I hate to admit it but...

I over use the exclamation point!!! I love it, and at work, I want to stick it on everything!

Today, I was adding a Tips & Tricks button to our work website and I thought- wouldn't it look better like this, "Tips & Tricks!!" and then I thought, not everyone is excited about Tips & Tricks!!!!!!! like you are.


I hate to admit it but...

I can't keep my mouth shut- I am an extreme talker- today while playing frisbee I kept saying things OUT LOUD when they should have stayed in my head... for example-

Eddo: "What's the Score?"
Mark X: "two-two"
Eddo: "I ain't wearing a tutu"

I mean, did I actually say that out loud- so lame...


I hate to admit it but...

I am addicted to these new shows...

Desperate Housewives
The Biggest Loser


I hate to admit it but...

I am going crazy.


I hate to admit it but...

Hikikomori or just plain tired? After working a 55+ hour week, I don't feel like doing anything on Friday nights- nothing. Then, when I get home and do nothing, I am not satisfied because I feel like I should be out doing something even if I don't feel like it.


I hate to admit it but...

Homeless people kind of oog me out- especially this weird guy that has been walking around Denton lately- He has this shaggy beard and hair, devilishly dark eyes, and mottled gray-brown skin. His teeth are the color of wood, and he looks like he just crept out of a grave- I don't even like to look at him.


I hate to admit it but...

I am not all that good at dating anymore. The very idea of calling someone up and asking them out makes me want to yawn. I just want to get married and skip the dating. Do you ever get that way?


I hate to admit it but...

I just ate 5 different kinds of chili- there were 7 total entries, I didn't even taste 2 because I was afraid of them.


I hate to admit it but...

I rubbernecked today- there was this monstrously bloated DEAD COW on the side of the road. It's swollen black lifeless body looked like one of those hot air balloons that they fill with air slowly- I am not kidding- it's stomach was about 4 feet tall! It was freaky, and I wanted to gawk and take a picture so I could show everyone.

Then later I kind of felt bad for the fat bloated beast- someone must have hit it- eek!


I hate to admit it but...

I get a little emotional at times- creative types always do. However, I have a panice button that is built inside me and once it is flipped, then only God himself can seem to stop the rushing tide of emotion and maelstrom that is about to follow. My mind works at a pace that would make a Cray Supercomputer appear slow- I start processing bits of data at warp speed, trying to find a solution to my problem, and once that solution rolls down the magical shoot of grey matter and deposits itself into my medulla oblongata, then I am totally focused on that solution and nothing else. It is strangely frightening and exciting at the same time- at least to me it is exciting- to everyone else it is a nightmare- few people have seen this side of me- if you have seen it, then you know- it ain't pretty.


I hate to admit it but...

Caution: Do not read if you are a pig lover- (Nikki, Amanda, et. al.)

This article made me a little sad, but at the same time it brought a lot of jokes to mind- the comedic route is not to difficult to traverse- so I won't bother putting any of them here.


I hate to admit it but...

I don't like checking my voicemail- it's just a little inconvenient to dial it up, and then to listen to people ramble. It's crazy.

Anyway, If you really need to get in touch with me- drop me an email- the link above works just fine- I ALWAYS check my email. I hate talking on the phone.


I hate to admit it but...

I really like my life. I like living with jimmy, and booch, and luke- and I am going to miss them a bunch when they are gone in May- all three of them. I think I am going to move in with Nathan Allison, Chase, and Josh- or maybe I'll just get married- it's a toss up, both are nice options.


I hate to admit it but...

One time, I really did fall in love with this girl, she was everything I was looking for and more. There was nothing about her that I didn't love. The way she looked, the way she smiled- and most of all the way she listened. She would just listen and smile and nod, I could talk to her for hours on end, and still find things to talk about. All the while I thought I was drawing her in, reeling her little by little. Then one day, I told her exactly how I felt, I poured out my heart, I laid it all on the line and surprsingly she said that she felt the same way- except for one little thing- she was intimidated by my ability to do the Moonwalk and impersonate Michael Jackson.

Obviously, I was devastated. My world have been built around this part of me that I could not change, I was torn between the person I was, and the person I could never be. I could not help it if my arms immediately popped and locked when "Billy Jean" came on the radio. I should not be to blame if my feet just magically start snaking across the dance floor smooth as as stoned side-winder when I hear the tune of "Bad". I cannot help it if I was gifted with the ability to spin, to shake, to move- to just plain GROOVE like Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Ricky Martin. People that are like us don't ask to be born this way- we just are. I mean face it, I am just like you- Only I can dance a heck of a lot better.

But that's alright, that's okay- One day I will rise up and people will give me the credit I deserve. I will know Miss Right when I see her doing the worm on the dance floor, or the head spin. We will form a blissful two part harmony, a choreographed romance that will make the world stand up and take notice- and in that moment, when all eyes are on us- I will not look back like Lot's wife, to see what might have been, rather, I will stare straight ahead because I won't want to miss anything in my star studded future.


I hate to admit it but...

I get these ideas in my head and there is nothing more exciting than them at that moment. Most of the time it has to do with something creative, like writing, or redesigning my website, or starting my own business- I do lots and lots of research, and then I fizzle out. There are a few ideas that have never fizzled, if only I had known to invest all of my resources in to those ideas as a child- I would have been in much better shape. By now I would have opened 3 restaurants, written half a dozen books, and had the most amazing website this side of Yahoo.


I hate to admit it but...

I am extremely lethargic lately. I don't want to do anything but eat and sleep. Is it a form of depression? I don't think so. Is it a form of withdrawal? Maybe. I used to really enjoy being around people, and I still do, but here lately, when given the option of holing up in my room or going out in public- I opt for the former. In the last 7 years I have done nothing but eat out, watch movies, play ultimate frisbee, go on road trips, help others, work, play, work, eat, drink, dance, workout, read, work some more, eat out some more, spend lots of money, shop... I think maybe it is starting to catch up to me.

So is it okay to withdway from society? It is alright to have time for me?


I hate to admit it but...

I would like to get that surgical procedure done where they staple your stomach so you can't eat so much. The problem is you have to be Morbidly Obese in order for your insurance to pay for it.

So, the way you find out if you are morbidly obese is if your BMI is over 40. This can be found by going to google and looking up BMI calculator- mine is like 34.6- I would need to gain 40 more pounds to be morbidly obese- or else I have to pay 16,000 for the surgery- so I am in a bit of a quandry here- I could just diet and lose the 30 pounds- or I could gain 40 pounds and hope that my insurance will pay for it. What to do... What to do...


I hate to admit it but...

I am a little upset about Alan and Jimmy's website's getting so much publicity. I had comments on my page- and just because I didn't have them set up in a really nice PHP format- but man, everyone loves www.ebumpkin.com and www.youcancallmeal.com and I find their material to be much less engaging than the dynamic editorials here on eddoandco- all Jimmy has to do is talk about Pizza and people clamber out of their graves to post a comment. Go Figure.


I hate to admit it but...

I like to call Booch names like Cripple Booch, and Koala Booch, and Stupid right to his face, I am mean, and I pick on him, and I can't help myself but it is almost as much fun as playiing Cranium. I know it's pathetic, but I don't think he minds, he's more like a pet than a roommate- and now that he is on cruches- man, it is almost unbelievable how much sick pleasure I get out of watching him hop around on one foot like a flamingo, I have even thought about spray painting him pink in his sleep- now that would be fun. Maybe I should write a song called Cripple Booch, Cripple Booch I hope you fall down Cripple Booch.


I hate to admit it but...

I get ooged out really easy. I don't like certain sounds, or smells, or people. Sometimes it is a combination of all three of those things. Some things crunch too loudly so I won't eat them, I don't eat pork because of what pigs eat, not because I don't like the taste.


I hate to admit it but....

I am an arrogant you know what sometimes. I don't like it, but sometimes I am. Especially in my own head, why is that? I don't know, but I have been working on it. Self-confidence is one thing, but conceit, well, conceit just won't be tolerated.


I hate to admit it but...

That virus was the best thing that ever happened to my budget- we got 4 free meals and 10 hours of overtime during that hectic period. Work was really a pain, but it was fun how everyone pulled together and we got so much done.


I hate to admit it but...

Every stitch of clothing that I wear on a day to day basis was dirty. I wore the same pair of jeans no less than 15 times before I finally got around to washing them, and the same went for my Khaki shorts- I just kept alternating between the two of them, khaki, jeans, khaki, jeans... jeans, jeans, khaki, khaki, jeans- you get the idea.


I hate to admit it but...

I can't keep my mouth shut about anything. With me, you never have to wonder what I am thinking, because I am going to tell you- and if you are lucky, you will be near me while I am telling someone else, so you will get to hear it again!

If I am interested in someone, you'll know about it. If I am in school, you will know. If I am applying for a job, renting a movie, or having a nervous break down, you will know. I am not mysterious- there you have it...


I hate to admit it but...

I ate about 92 chocolate chip cookies on the way to work today... not really, it was actually on 12, but either way, it was way too many- it was just that those stupid soft batch cookies are so stinking good!


I hate to admit it but...

I ate an entire bag of chocolate chip cookies in the last two day. They were called Essensia- it is like the Alberston's Fancy Pants Brand... All I know is that they are good- I ate them, and then I ate some more, and then when I had the munchies- I ate them again. Chocolate Chip cookies and Dr. Pepper shall be the death of me!


I hate to admit it but...

I am going to have to stop watching movies with some people. They just can't keep their mouths shut. I don't think that they intentionally talk. Later when asked about it, they act as if they don't know what I am talking about. It is not like I am trying to pick on these people, it is just that there is nothing more annoying than sitting next to a blabbermouth during the movie. I am getting old. This kind of stuff used to not bother me, now, it gets my agent orange acting up.

I also hate to admit that some people are unteachable. It is like no matter how many times they have been retarded baffoons, no matter how many times this has been obvious to every one around- they still do not learn. A church choir of black individuals filled with the holy ghost could not get them to see the error of their ways. To everyone, EVERYONE, it is obvious what the problem is. This problem has been pointed out to the individual countless times, but they still do not learn. The dead horse has been beaten, and the beater has walked away, tired, and hopeless.

When someone tells me I need to change- I check the source and then I make the necessary correction. End of Story


I hate to admit it but...

I am really wigging out about this whole job process thing. I have emailed my resume to at least 75 principals and this weekend I will be going to a job fair- If I got hired on at DISD I would be getting a serious raise from what I am making now, so I hope, hope, hope that I get hired and that they like me!


I hate to admit it but...

Possibly, I have mentioned this before, but it was only this year that I realized the song "Cotton-Eyed Joe" was indeed "Cotton-Eyed Joe". Before that, and this is no lie, I thought it was "Caught Not Joe" If it hadn't been for "Caught Not Joe" I'd been married long time ago, where did you come from, where did you go? Where did you come from "Caught not Joe". The whole song makes very little sense, and besides, I was too busy counting my steps so that I would know when to shimmy, and when to kick.


I hate to admit it but...

My skin is really oily today. When I rubbed my forehead, I had this weird feeling like I had stuck my head in a bucket of Crisco. This is really bizarre, since normally my skin is so dry that I have to apply lotion.


I ran a red light yesterday on my way to the Eddodontist. Yeah, I got a ticket, and when he asked me if I knew why he stopped me I just laughed and shook my head real big like- I was totally busted. It was a right turn on green arrow only light, and it was all clear, and I was running late so I just turned. As many times as I have ran red lights and not gotten stopped, then I sort of deserved this one. Just doing my part to help the community of Frisco.


I hate to admit it but...

It took me over an hour and a half to clean my room. I had washed my sheets, and then decided I needed to wash my comforter, and then I didn't feel like making up my bed, or hanging up my clothes or putting anything up where it belonged- for like a week. I just felt like taking a break from my routine. That is what I love about being a single guy, when you decide you don't feel like dealing with the mundane, little responsibilities, you don't have to- you just put them on hold until you can't handle the mess any more, and then you work your butt off to clean up your act. I hate it when my room is dirty, or my truck isn't clean, but sometimes, it becomes so cumbersome, so repetitive, that you just need to quit for a couple of weeks- then when it is clean, you appreciate it more.


I hate to admit it but...

I am into 2 reality shows like nobody's business. Cupid. This shows creator is none other than Simon Cowell- the creator of American Idol- and darn it- it is good.

I also love Last Comic Standing. It is full of drama and cut throat fun.

Trust me- check them out.


I hate to admit it but...

I did nothing productive over the weekend. I was such a laze. I watched no less than 10 movies- stayed up really late, ate tons of junk food, slept in- It was probably one of the best weekends of my life!


I hate to admit it but...

I am extremely apprehensive about student teaching this fall and then working after. I will have no life, and I absolutely love my life, the freedom to do what I want, sleeping in- every day till a wondrous 8:00. This is a virtue unto itself. I do not want to get up early, teach for 7-8 hours and not get paid, and then go and work my butt off someplace else just to make ends meet. It is not fair! Inhale deeply... Do not tell me that life is not fair- I have heard that enough. I think I am going to have to do something about this injustice that is being thrust upon me.


I hate to admit it but...

My entire educational focus is not in personal fulfillment, not an attempt to change the world, or to make a difference. I am not going to be an Anthropologist so that I can be esteemed by my colleagues, or to be more interesting at Christmas gatherings- no, my entire purpose for going back to school to get a Master's in Anthropology is so that I can work at a University, find a nice job, and never had to deal with computers or traffic again.


I hate to admit it but...

Today while doing laundry I started 2 machines- I then sat down for 30 minutes and read my book. I later got up and realized that I started an EMPTY washing machine! What a spaz! In my zeal to get my laundry done, I washed an empty washer! Then had to start the laundry that was still sitting there covered in Liquid Tide!