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Segregated Sundays… Church Diversity.

While at the Echo Conference 2012 we got a chance to hear Scott Williams speak on Church Diversity. It was a great message and as a man of mixed race, I feel it is important to merge our cultures just as seamlessly as I have been merged. When we pool our differences and celebrate them we clothe ourselves in a richer fabric, we see things through different eyes, our songs, our interactions and our way of life becomes better. Instead of losing ourselves or our identity that we cling to, instead we come together united under one identity – Christ.

Enjoy this awesome video and feel free to share your thoughts as to why you think that churches are still segregated.

Diversity’s Symphony from Emanate Media, Samson Varughese on Vimeo.

"Diversity's Symphony" Poem by David Bowden

Video Directed and Edited by Samson Varughese (EMANATE MEDIA)

Based on the Book, "Church Diversity," by Scott Williams

Check out Scott Williams’ book Church Diversity.

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