Nikki Christine Weds Jeremy Johnson September 25, 2004

On the outside this rustic barn appears to be nothing more than that- a rustic barn, but on the inside, a young woman is preparing for the rest of her life...
Heidi Springsteen and Jenni Cribbs... This is Jenni Leo- Not posing... Her and Heidi are two of the sweetest women you will ever meet.
Mrs. T in the white shirt continues to plan the big day... so far, everything is perfect, including the Bride...
Jonathan Dumas with girlfriend Melinda pose for a pre-wedding photo.
Is Jonathan whistling?
Another pose for the camera- why not- it's not everyday you go to a 10am outdoor wedding.
Bob is so excited he starts practicing his trademark moves.

It was really good to see the Springsteen's- they live in a land far, far away...

Bob leans in to talk to his wife Heidi he is probably asking, "why does Eddie keep taking my picture?"
Natalie Talburt helps an usher with his corsage... men can never seem to pin them on for themselves... thank the Lord for the ladies.
Don't forget to sign the guestbook!
The Fuentes girls with a friend ready for a summer wedding.
Long time friends Brisa and Natalie strike a quick pose...

Natalie was really busy with wedding preparations, but never too busy to capture a memory with a close friend.

My future's so bright- I gotta wear shades...

Dave Carter and Chris Wilson sidle up to the show.

This is the Carter's miracle baby girl.  I can't remember her name, I just remember that she is going to be on Discovery Health October 17th- it's so odd what you remember and what you forget.
Melinda and Wendy make anticipatory small talk...
Cody Miller strikes a pose with Wendy as they eagerly await the brides descent.
Brian Calvin and Shannon- I hadn't seen either in a long time, it's nice how weddings bring people together.
Jeremy Johnson - the groom - strikes a pose.
I call this photo "Pensive" everyone is thoughtful... especially Jolene Wilson.
Jolene and Chris Wilson- I just love them. They are moving to Denver soon, but I have known Chris since the 5th grade.  Both Chris and Jolene are talented and funny- no, more than funny, downright HILARIOUS.  It was a delight getting to see them.
Bob looks at Chancey- I can't tell if he is angry at Chancey, or the Sun...
Chris and Bob- Bob also rates extremely high on the funny factor, just a different type of funny- Bob is Jim Carrey funny, while Chris is more Jimmy Fallon funny... if that makes sense.
Chase Martin strikes a pose for the camera.
Chase and Erin pose for a nice wedding photo.  They have been dating for quite some time now...
I tried to take a Candid shot, but Chancey has a knack for smiling at just the write moment.
Father of the Bride
Lillie McWhinney, Karen Chancey, Dave Carter, and Baby Carter
Dave and Elise- Elise is freaking a beak because I didn't warn her about the picture- she is normally pretty good about striking a last minute pose... look at that baby though- it's so cute it almost looks fake.
Like I said, the men have to have help with those flowers.
Seth Arnold's little boy, why I can't remember these cute baby's names I will never know.  But look at those blue eyes...and some people think we evolved from monkeys, only God could create something this beautiful.
I think that Barb is giving Dick a pep talk... Sarah is looking off in the distance- perhaps she spots the bride...
Many people thought that this was Mac Powell of Third Day- but no, it is our very own Clay - he looks like a cross between a rock star and Grizzly Adams, but he is super cool and part of the old school hangar group.
Joyful, Joyful we adore thee, God of Glory, Lord of Love...

The stringed quartet helped complete the fairy tale atmosphere. 

Keith and Jeremey - I believe things are gettin started!
I wish that this picture had been clearer, but it is still an interesting picture so I stuck it in anyway.  Mrs. T worked very hard putting this wedding together.  I think Nikki was a cross between daughter and little sister for Mrs. T. Nikki worked for the Talburts as a Nanny for years and now Nikki is all grown up... the end of an old life and the beginning of a new.
This could be on the cover of a Magazine- Outdoor Bride or something... I think everyone was overwhelmed and awed watching Nikki come down the hill in a horse and carriage. 
I didn't realize until later that the children rode down with her.  Notice the little flower girl and the ring bearer. 
Notice the children, notice the Bride, the carriage, Mr. Fletcher dressed in red- it is almost too unbelievably perfect. 
I think that Nikki's dad might be warring with himself- should I walk my daughter down the aisle, or should I slip Mr. Fletcher some cash and have him whisk my baby away to a place where she will always be my little girl...
I had to get a shot of these beautiful horses and their manes.  They were once again, storybook.
Nikki and her father...
Nikki and her Dad walk the aisle- the transfer of ownership is about to take place, up to this moment, her father was the man who took care of her, now, Jeremy will step up and take that place... just the way God designed it.
Mr. Fletcher looks on... a second father to Nikki, he is such a neat, kind, genuine man.
Chancey begins the Ceremony
The Ring Bearer
Mr. McWhinney and Alan come down the hill- Alan was nice enough to chauffeur many guests down the hill to the site of the wedding.
Do you Jeremy take Nikki to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, for better or for worse, as long as you both shall live... "I do"


Amanda and Sarah and the flower girl...

In early Roman times, bridesmaids formed a kind of bridal infantry as they accompanied the bride to the groom's village. This "protective shield" of similarly outfitted bridesmaids was supposed to intervene if any wayward thugs or vengeful suitors tried to hurt the bride or steal her dowry.

I really liked the faces of Chris and Jolene- and if you look below you will see Seth Arnold's wife Monia- I have no clue how to spell her name, but it is pronounced "Mon-Ya"


Tracy Ford and Karen Chancey listen attentively.
Nikki looks lost in the moment as if in a beautiful dream... a dream where she never wants to wake up.
Mrs. T looks as though she can't believe her little girl is all grown up. 
John, Alison, and Elise look over in my direction... why does he keep snapping those photos!
Ladies and Gentleman, may I present to you... Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Johnson!
Amanda Adams exclaims, "Are you taking my picture?"

Never one to be camera shy and you can see why...

Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman, I have known them for years and their son Luke Zimmerman and I went to Liberty at the same time- he was a year older- anyway, the Zimmermans and Nikki go way back as well- sometimes I forget that this photo journal is about Nikki's Wedding- not my life...
John and Alison Lashmet.  Don't they look like the came out of "Perfect Couple" magazine... Look at Alison, she has that pregnant glow about her- boy did John ever marry up- WAY, WAY UP. Your awesome John, but you know I speak the truth.
The Vin Diesel of the wedding - Field Scovall.  Is he the most eligible bachelor in Dallas?- well, there are a few girls in Denton that think so.  Field is one of the few guys that I can truly call a Man's Man.  Women love him, and men want to be him. 

I believe that right now he is working at Parkland continuing his internship.  So I am not sure if he is Dr. Scovall yet or not, but he soon will be.


"Did you see that wedding dress?"

"I know it was so gorgeous, Nikki was such a beautiful bride..."

Jenni and Alison make wedding small talk.

Jenni, Sarah, Alison, and Elise- all women who have worked at Kanakuk- all amazing women who are remarkably different, and unique. Don't you just.. love'em.

Alan Meadows talks with John Lashmet- Alan is probably thinking, "Where did Eddie get that really sweet camera?"

I borrowed it from my friend Maksim who is from Russia and he works with me at Texas Instruments. Thanks Maksim for the camera loan, you are awesome.

This is what I call the Reception Muffin... they were magically delicious, DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED!!!
A quick shot of the reception in Mr. Fletcher's back yard. 
The Bride and Groom arrive by horse and buggy...
Lillie McWhinney has seized the Carter's baby and has claimed it as her own! Lillie, step away from the baby... I repeat, STEP AWAY FROM THE BABY. 

I don't blame her for taking it, that is a cute little bumpkin.

Dumas and Cody, Melinda and Natalie.
Kris Johnson and her boyfriend, I think I remember his name to be  Brian.  I was nice to him, but I really wanted to date Kris myself... just kidding, but really, Kris is a really neat person, I can just talk to her for hours and she does web design/hosting, just check out
Dumas and Mel- are they throwin' up gang signs?  No, they are just giving me the Deuces... Peeeaaacccee...
We are the members of the Muffin Pot Gang!

I had to lighten this picture up because you couldn't see Bob's face!

I just had to get a picture of the four of them with their muffins in those little pots- very Nikki.

left to right: Heidi and Bob Springsteen, Dave and Jenni Cribbs.

Alan is trying to "Just Say No!" to the Muffin's.  They were very addictive.
Another shot of Alison and John, the question is... Is John checking out the Muffins, or his wife? He's hooked on those muffins too!

Oh, and Alison is with Child- Congratulations Alison and John- Uncle Eddie will have to come up and make sure that John isn't rough housing the baby too much- some guys think that a new baby is like a new puppy, you got play rough with it to make it tough so you pick at it until it bites you.

It's Matt Hilliard.  More popular than he realizes, Matt is one of those people that everyone wants to be around, but I don't think Matt even realizes it, if he does he sure plays it cool.
Cute Wedding Kiddos. They were totally trying to show up the Bride with their cuteness. Squeezeably cute.
Brian is LIVID, he can't figure out why I keep trying to take his picture- but that is what photo journalists do- we take pictures and then we write clever little snippets next to them.
Chase could not stop posing for the Camera, he was all- Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, on the cover of a magazine, don't just stand there let's get to it, stirke a pose there's nothing to it- Vogue.
A shot of some people at the wedding that I didn't know, but I thought, hey, it's not all about me and my friends, a good photo journalist takes pictures of everyone.
This little boy was so cute, he kept smiling and I couldn't get the camera on fast enough, I think my frantic movements trying to get the camera started scared him.  "Cute as a bug's butt" is what my dad would call him.
They looked like Little Angels... just a swinging...
Here are some of Nikki's relatives... in the background Mr. and Mrs. T wonder why in the world I am still taking pictures.
Tracy Ford- one of the best looking red heads of all time... Marry Me Tracy Ford, PICK ME!!
Leah Zimmerman and Abiah, Abiah is married and I don't know her married name, nor do I know how to spell her first name...
I like lying and saying things like, "Yeah, I made this cake" the crazy thing is that people sometimes believe me.  It makes me wonder, am I a really good liar, or are these people just gullible?

Unfortunately, I think I might be a very convincing liar, but only when I am playing around about trivial stuff like cake baking or cheerleading.

Mr. T is probably at this point wondering, "How in the world did I ever marry such an amazing woman"

Personally I think Mr. T is magic and he somehow cast a spell on her. They have been good friends, and second parents to so many young people from Denton Bible.  They are very giving and self-sacrificing and I love them both very much.  I know that they love Nikki and Shannon (in the background) worked as a Nanny for them as well.  They are unique, special people.

Stowe Campbell, Sarah's husband has only been around "The Group" for a short while.  I have known Sarah since 9th grade.  However, Stowe is quite possibly the easiest person to get to know.  I am working on a website project for him that hopefully will help people, young and old, see the light.
Groom's Cake- I kept wondering, "Why is there an 8 on the top? What is the significance of the 8? What could the 8 possibly mean? then I realized that it was two rings joined together and had nothing to do with numbers, or numerology, or a magic 8 ball.
Don and Lillie McWhinney- the very cool parents of Jimmy McWhinney.  I just love them to death.

Don made a comment about Lillie trying to breast feed Lacy's cute baby- Don is so hilariously inappropriate- I want to be just like him when I grow up.

This is Dave Carter's wife Lacy.  That was her baby that you saw earlier in the pictures- the one with Lillie, and that is Kris Johnson's mom next to her.
And I am not sure why this is here in the reception photos, but it is, and it's a good one- Amanda and Sarah, Nikki's long time friends and roommates. 

Both girls look stunning in their black summer dress with the simple pearls.  The fire and ice roses blended with the white roses add just the right amount of color- it's classy, elegant, and perfect for a Nikki Christine Johnson Wedding.

Love and Hugs and Kisses to all- Eddo