The Hunt

I saw her again after so many months. Those bright wide eyes like two stars shimmering… drawing me in, leaving me weak in my knees. She reached out to hug me and I flinched. Afraid of her touch I almost recoiled. It would be… too. much.

All around me the world became silent. I drank her in like a cool glass of water unaware of how dehydrated I was of her essence. How I had missed her. I thought that I had pressed my desires deep down and locked them away in the basement of my heart. Press down deep beneath a pile of old feelings I figured they were long forgotten, but like Lazarus, they were resurrected in a mere moment. The flash of my feelings was hot, like I had just opened up an oven, the searing heat hitting me full in the face. Then after just a few short words of greeting, she flitted away. A hummingbird gone as if it never were. It all happened so quickly I wondered if I had been in a trance.

I’ve only ever loved two women in my life. Only ever really wanted two. Just two. But I have yet to pin either one of them down. It’s January. My 39th year on this planet and I am not sitting idly pining away, but instead, searching for number three. The hunt, is most definitely on.


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