360 Degree's of Eddo's Life

This is my room.  I really like white pillows and white sheets, I think it is because you can tell when they get dirty. 

I also really like plaid, it's classic.  Plaid is also very colorful, yet still masculine.

The picture over my bed is an Edward Hopper print that I bought from Jimmy's brother.  I am crazy about it, I don't know why, but I always really liked it.  I really like the way he uses light and shadow to make the picture seem alive and real.

This is obviously the same room from a different angle.  I got that "Faith" picture from Amber and Joe Bruner. 

If you'll notice my room doesn't have a dresser, or anything else other than a bed and some art. I like things simple, I abhor clutter.  I hope that when I get married some day my wife doesn't want to fill up every nook and cranny with junk.

Hey look, it's a picture of my dining room.  My apartment isn't very big, but it has a nice open floor plan.  My mom  bought me that table and we  never found any chairs for it.  Then along came a great friend and co-worker that had these chairs and they just happened to work.  Their high ladder backs just seem to add a touch of country and Early American feel to my dining room. 

Also in this picture you get a nice shot of the antique green chair that still belongs to Jimmy's brother but that is in my care.  I found that pillow over at Anthropologie.com.  I liked it because it has personality, and almost looks like something a kid would have.

Here is a shot of my living room.  my plant over by the fireplace is dying, I don't know why, but I can't keep plants alive, I thought this one needed more light- oh no, definitely wasn't a light issue, it seems to do better in the dark than in the light. 

The run on the floor is one that I got at Pier One on sale.  It was the perfect rug for the couch and green chair combo.  I also painted the picture on the wall to kind of tie in the colors of the couch.  The couch is considered plum and it is very well made.  I bought it from Jimmy's brother as well.  I would never have bought a purple couch, but this one is really quite comfortable and I was tired of my old one.

I painted this over another painting.  My sister had this really large flower painting on a black canvas.  She didn't want it anymore and so I took it and painted over it.  The paints alone cost me about 150 dollars to do this piece, I can't imagine what it would have cost for a four foot by four foot canvas- ouch!

Here is a better shot where you can actually see the stars in the sky.  Obviously it was modeled after Starry Night by Van Gogh, but I wanted to add some of my own style with the actual picture, I didn't want to do a complete copy, just something that looked like a piece that a student of Van Gogh's would do.