TV Reviews

Pushing Daisies

This is my new favorite show. It’s clever and watches the way a book reads. 

What I think is most fascinating is that it is so fantastical, the set, the people, the story, it’s wonderful and quirky and fun. I’m reminded of Lemony Snicket and a Series of Unfortunate Events when I’m watching it.

I give it 5 stars!

Survivor China – I’m watching it for the first time in YEARS, this one is really good.

Private Practive – the Gray’s Anatomy Spin-Off hasn’t grabbed me yet, but I’m giving it time.

Dirty Sexy Money – Weird, intriguing, and only somewhat interesting. Sometimes making something more outrageous without good writing is just an outrageous boring story.

Ugly Betty – I’m watching it. I like Betty. This show is good for everyone who has ever been the underdog. Being the underdog is a good thing, it builds character. You may not know this about me… but I feel like I’ve been an underdog all my life – do you ever feel that way?