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When I first started watching this show I thought it was going to be about a bunch of people LOST on an island. I am now realizing that the title is referencing us viewers who are increasingly LOST as to what the heck is going on with this show.


Did you see last weeks’ episode? It wasn’t that Desmond was time traveling, but his conscious was traveling to the future and back again. The concept is MIND-BOGGLING.

I still love it though. I want to wrap it up in a blanket and spoon with it at night I love it so much.

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Quarterlife: A Review

It’s an emo cast of Friends. 3 girls, 3 guys none of which are even a smidgen as attractive as the cast of Friends, but then they wouldn’t be emo. What else? Well, there was a lot of drama in this first episode, so much so that if they keep up this level of drama it will surpass Steel Magnolias and Schindler’s List combined.

I like the fact that one of the main characters has a video blog called Quarterlife, thus the shows name, however, I’m a little surprised that in the first episode she outed her friends love for another friend as well as called one of her friends a beautiful drunk that she loves that she isn’t perfect. This same blogger goes and tells on her superior for stealing one of her ideas and when that doesn’t seem to work, she tells everyone in a meeting, “That was MY idea”. This part fell a little flat because the retribution just didn’t add up to the indiscretion. A pile of papers to file? HA! If I went behind my boss’ back and told on him for stealing my idea I think there would be more problems for me than a pile of papers to file. Wait, there would be papers to file, Unemployment Papers.

Bottom line: I like the show but maybe because there isn’t much to watch on Tuesday nights other than the Biggest Loser.

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You could put Thousand Island dressing on a Turd and it would taste amazing.

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Knight Rider and Dexter

So there is very little to watch these days other than reality TV and Lost and now that the writer’s strike is over we can all rejoice because our shows are coming back. I miss Pushing Daisies and Cane and Desperate Housewives. However, what history has taught us about human nature is that we adapt to our circumstances. That adaptation has led me to watch shows that are dark and fascinating, like Dexter and the suprisingly good Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Roger, Jes’ husband pointed out that Leana Heady looks just like Michael Jackson… I didn’t think that, but now I do… take a look for yourself.



So last night I caught up on the 2 hour season premiere of Knight Rider and was sort of bored and in awe at the same time. The Ford product placement and commercials were extremely annoying, but “KITT” was definitely the star of the show. With nanotechnology that quickly repairs bullet holes and broken glass, KITT is much cooler than his predecessor.

A cool cameo by David Hasselhoff is unexpected and appreciated at the end, but overall I thought the show was lacking. They just tried to fit too much into one show and they should have kept it simple.

Now, I just checked iTunes and you can download the entire first season of Dexter. Apparently it was on Showtime last year and now they are running it on primetime. Dexter is a sociopath that has a need for killing, however, his Dad taught him as a kid that when he gets the urge to kill he just needs to find someone that deserves to die. Scratch the itch, but make sure it’s a worthy itch I guess. It’s definitely a unique spin on a show that is mostly about murder. I mean, normally the one catching the murderers isn’t out killing people too. That stuff is normally saved for Lifetime movie of the week and James Patterson’s novel – Kiss the Girls.

So while you are waiting for your favorite show to come back, give one of these a try on and see how it fits.

Later taters.

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HDTV 720p and 1080p – I should have known this…

I didn’t know that right now if you by a 1080p HDTV that you will only get full 1080p if you have a Blue Ray disc player. There aren’t any television stations broadcasting in 1080p, only 720p and so if you go out and buy a 1080p then you have the latest technology, but you can’t really use it.

Why am I telling you this? Because right now Best Buy has a 50″ DLP Samsung HDTV for only $899. This is $800 less than you would pay for the same TV that is 1080p. Now I like having the latest and greatest technology, but buying a 1080p TV when you can’t use it is like buying a Range Rover in Dallas. Your driving a gas guzzling vehicle designed to go off-road and yet here you are driving it only on concrete highways. It just doesn’t make sense.


In the future, 2009, the government is supposed to start requiring television companies to start broadcasting in hi-def only, but even then they may only be broadcasting in 480p and so you still won’t be able to tell the difference and you paid extra money just so you can see the difference!

So my point is this… the life of a good DLP TV is 10 years. The life of Plasma and LCD is around 4-5 years before the picture starts to degrade in quality. So if you are going to drop some serious change on a TV, then you should either wait or go with the less expensive TV for now and then when you want to upgrade to the larger option, put the 50inch TV in your bedroom or the kids playroom and set it up for DVD’s or something, but don’t rush out to get the 1080p just because it is a higher resolution.