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Radical Honesty

“Do you always tell the truth?”


“What is that called again?”

“Radical Honesty.”

I was watching “Lie to Me” and one of the actors on there always tells the truth no matter what. I wonder what would happen in our culture if we always told the truth? What if when someone asked you a question, no matter how hard, you had to tell them the exact truth?

I think on some levels it would be frightening, but on another, it could be quite freeing. The Bible does say, “The truth will set you free…”

By the way, the new show “Lie to Me” is excellent. I recommend adding it to your DVR/Tivo queue. It comes on Wednesday nights.

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12 oz. Mouse

I just watched an episode of this animated feature that was recently featured on iTunes. It is called 12 oz. mouse, thus my ingenius title. I know, I know, you want to know how I became so witty. Mostly, it was my parents and the 40 plus people we had living with us over the years, but that you will have to read about in my memoirs.

How would I describe this hot mess? I’ve never tripped on acid, but when I imagine a really bad acid trip, while also wiggin out on shrooms, and having horrific hallucinations after some bad X all while having the DT’s after coming down from a bad cocaine addiction – well, that is how I would describe this waste of money and time.

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I’m Addicted…

At a time when I should be down with the GOP (Yeah, you know me!) and listening to speeches and making decisions and writing blogs that will change the world, I’m feverishly catching up on episodes of Heroes.

Yesterday I signed up for Netflix so I watch streaming videos INSTANTLY from my computer. All of Season 1, 2, and 3, unlimited for just $8.99 a month! Why did I avoid this for so long?

What is more, once I get finished with Heroes, I need to go back and catch up on missed episodes of The Office, My Name is Earl, and Entourage. After that I will watch back episodes of Murder, She Wrote and Hogan’s Heroes – not because I like those shows, but BECAUSE I CAN!!!

There are also scads of Indie movies that I didn’t even know existed and now I can watch them and if I don’t like them, I’ll just move on to something else – no wasted money and less wasted time.

I really am worried though, Heroes is so good that I stayed up past midnight watching back to back episodes from my PC. This morning I woke up early and started watching an episode while I got ready for work – needless to say getting ready for work never took so long.

I also get unlimited DVD rentals, but only 1 disc at a time… but WHO CARES, I CAN WATCH INSTANTLY FROM MY PC. This is the best thing since the OREO cookie and I think God himself created that cookie and then left the recipe for Nabisco.

And lastly… I do like Murder, She Wrote, I love it in fact. I hate Hogan’s Heroes and M.A.S.H. though, they depress me.

 I may never rent another movie again.  

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Top Chef – Padma is my favorite ingredient

From the Bravo Website - Top Chef

I’m really digging Richard’s hair. Richard is cool an all, but when you have lost 50% of the hair on your head then you have a tendency to envy those blessed with a full head of really good hair.

Palis Du Festival

Padma was married to Salman Rushdie – Ummm… What? I’m actually hip to this because A. They are now divorced and B. I’m better looking than him and so that means I may have a shot.

Padma - Found on Flickr through Google Images

Do you really think she made it on Top Chef because of her cooking abilities?

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“You bested me again you chocolate bitch”

A street view of my house from Google Maps…

Street view of my house from Google Maps

It looks very sunny and nice from this picture. Just look at it, it’s so fierce, it’s a fierce hot mess… haha. SNL did a great sketch on Christian Siriano, this year’s winner of Project Runway, he is funny.

I took this picture on the day that they did the funeral service for Officer Lozada. I was driving and I took it with my BlackBerry and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

Dallas Police Officer is Remembered

If you aren’t from Texas then you might not know what those poles are on the left… those are insane plastic HOV barriers.

And a picture of my dinner which I submitted to

Face on my Calzone

And the title of this post is from one of the greatest shows on the planet – SCRUBS. Dr. Kelsoe stares down a brownie and at last gives in, “You bested me again you chocolate bitch.” I think we can all understand this phrase.