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I’m on Twitter


I have these simile’s, metaphors and analogies floating through my head at random times and no place to store them for later retrieval. I’ve decided to use Twitter for them since I can post to it from my cell phone.

For example: She was one of those girls you just wanted to pour into a tall glass and then drink with a crazy straw. Or… His dancing reminded me of the Tin Man from “The Wizard of Oz” if not a little more rigid.

What is Twitter? Well, click on the link and see for yourself.


Also, can anyone guess what in the world that first word is on the word verification section?


The New Job… Is Rockin My Face Clean Freakin’ Off

I like to follow sad posts with happy posts. Or Robot posts with happy posts and sometimes even happy posts with happy posts. We’re just like that here at Posted Note.

So this Business Analyst job is like the coolest job I’ve ever had, but if I tried to explain it to you, you would totally start snoring. How can Supply Chains be fascinating to a guy who thinks bowling, golf, boxing, baseball, and Law and Order are boring? Well, because I get to work on projects that actually impact revenue on a grand scale. Supply Chain Systems is where it is at people and my job feels important. Don’t you want to work somewhere where you feel like your job is important? TI makes chips that help people see better when they start losing their eyesight. We make chips that go into prosthetic robotic arms and we manufacture over 55,000 total products that are in pretty much every piece of electronic equipment in your house.

So before when I was working in IT I was always fixing problems, where now I am finding solutions and implementing software and processes. I’m in brainstorming sessions and meetings that sometimes are way over my head, but I love it. I look forward to going to work again and that is nice feeling.

Anywho, I hope that you get tomorrow off for Good Friday.

Happy Easter!

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Converting VHS to DVD

I have a box of 77 VHS tapes of varying lengths to convert to DVD by March 17th. It’s a birthday present for the husband of a client of mine. I hope he doesn’t read Posted Note. You wouldn’t know it, but I actually get about 400 site visits a day and 5,000 unique visitors a month. My herpes post seems to be the most popular along with “how to make my wife laugh”. Yep, have her read Posted Note, that should do it.

So when I agreed to convert these videos I had no idea that I would be watching most of them. You put these babies in the VCR and then they go through this DVDXpress doomaflatchy and out comes digital content. It’s fun to watch videos from 1989 of people on a cruise ship. Big hair and big sunglasses. Men in short swimming trunks and women laying topless face down. How ribald! I’ve been wearing board shorts for so long I forgot that we used to wear short swimming trunks and even worse – men used to wear short shorts. I remember my dad wearing short shorts and thinking that his legs were ultra hairy – and they still are. He is one of those men that should not ever be caught mowing the lawn in cut off jean shorts and a wife beater, but that used to be his weekend attire – minus the wife beater.

Insert tape two of a 1989 Christmas Concert. Again with the huge bangs and large lapels. I thought those collars went out in the 70’s, but apparently not completely. This had to be the longest and most boring Christmas Concert I’ve ever seen or heard, but maybe that’s because I wasn’t watching it on Youtube and there wasn’t any pyrotechnics or people texting while they were singing.

So that is what I will be doing until St. Patty’s day… speaking of which, I wonder if there are any St. Patrick’s day parade tapes in here…