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Iron Mountain… What Secrets Lie Beneath

I thought this was very interesting.

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Barak Obama Music Video

Featuring Addison from Grey’s Anatomy, John Legend, Gabrielle Union, Will I Am from the Black Eyed Peas, Scarlet Johansen, Common and many more that I don’t know their names. Who are those guys playing guitar?

It’s pretty cool.

Here he is on Ellen…

Campain Ad for Barack

A not so cool video about Hillary… I am not sure what she has going for her really, but I am only just now really starting to keep up with what is going on. I like to see who is going to drop out and see who we are left with and then I do my research.

More negative press for Hillary Clinton…

But, there are two sides to every story… and with people, aren’t there multiple sides? Don’t we all wish we could turn back the hands of time and undo some things we have done?

The question is, is Hillary doing what is in the best interest of our country or what is in the best interest for herself?

Hillary on Ellen

When it comes down to it, talk is cheap. Becoming POTUS is a big deal and I think people will say whatever they think the American’s population wants to hear in order to get in that seat. It’s like any job, you really don’t know what you are in for until you get hired and then sometimes you can’t make the changes you thought you were going to make. The economy is this huge monster and globalization and the World Trade Organization and the MFA and OPEC and the United Nations are all these organizations that you have to answer to. Running a country is a lot different than running a business or a state.

When it comes to voting don’t just follow the crowd or vote for who is popular. Actually do your homeworl because what is happening today will affect the future of our country tomorrow.

In 1992 President Bush enacted some laws on trade to protect US Steelworkers. He limited the importation of steel and that made American steel workers happy and that was a large number of votes that he wanted. Sometimes tariffs and trade barriers appear to be protecting America, but limiting free trade actually caused prices to go up for American consumers and limiting free trade causes companies to become lax and ineffecient. Competition forces us to do things better. Now American steel production is owned by a foreign company.

So before you start making a decision, understand that the almighty dollar still makes the world go round and politicians will often say or do whatever it takes to get a vote. They’ll hurt the nation as a whole in an effort to get the votes of a few.

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The Golden Compass – Yawwwwnnnn…

I was bored and nothing else was showing. I know, I know. I should not have thrown any money at this movie because it is a movie that is supposed to be about killing God. I saw the previews and I thought, “How can this be about killing God?” I hadn’t read this information on Snopes – click here to read it.  The first move isn’t about killing God, but there are all these kids with “Demons” which are these little animals that follow them around and talk, like a kindred spirit. This was disturbing because when have we ever thought of demons as being friendly little kindred spirits? Demons have always been associated with Hell and none of them have ever been sweet bunny rabbits that talk.

One thing about this first movie is that it just isn’t all that appealing. There are a lot of weird things, like “the Gobless” or “the Gobblers?” who are stealing kids and trying to separate them from their demons. Being separated from your demon puts you in a state of “Indecision”. I just didn’t get it.

With a little tweaking this movie could have been another Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings, except there isn’t anything redeeming about this movie. The little girl is sassy and rebellious, Nicole Kidman, while beautiful is frigid and frightening and while there was a part of me that wanted to like the movie and believe that all this information written about it was just a bunch of hype, but it’s not. 

When I was younger my parents were fond of saying things like, “That is just a tool of the Devil”. I used to roll my eyes at them, they seemed so backward and like such Bible thumpers sometimes. Now that I am older I see it so clearly now. This movie, certain television shows and even some music is nothing more than a clever way to desensitize people to the truth.

I’m an optimistic person by nature. I see the good in people and in the world, but lately, I see more and more of the bad. So much sin is just accepted and sometimes even applauded.  Standing up for what is moral and right is now dangerous. If you want to be ridiculed, just take a stand for morality and truth. There is a world of people out there who laugh at the idea of God and absolutes. For those people I fear that they live in fairytale land where there is no evil, no God, no right and wrong. Culture and government decide what is and isn’t morale.  For their sakes I hope they open up their eyes. Take a look at the world around them, Google a few choice words on the internet and see the seedy underbelly of this world that is supposedly making progress.  Race and gender and sexuality no longer seem to be hot buttons, instead, what I see as the greater issue is tolerance and indifference. Like STD’s we treat the symptons, we spend millions on a cure instead of elminating the root of the problem.

I like to believe that the world is still filled with hope and love and that for a while longer these virtues will continue to shine bright in an ever-darkening world.

Merry Christmas.


A Discussion: Sex, Race, Gender Equality

Last Saturday I had dinner with a Texas State Representative and the CEO of a fortune 500 company (don’t trip over those titles I just dropped). It was a casual dinner, not business and there was some very interesting conversation at the table.  

I don’t normally discuss politics, religion, or race issues with new acquaintances, nor do I discuss them at work because those topics are almost forbidden. Everyone is so sensitive now days about particular issues that you are sure to step on someone’s toes no matter how lightly you tread.

So the topic of Private Clubs and exclusion came up and whether or not it was right to exclude certain people based on race or gender. I sat in the middle like a spotter at a tennis match watching the two guys volley back and forth some very interesting points. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts now allow either gender to be a part of their club. Texas Women’s University went co-ed back in the late 80’s early 90’s and before the 1960’s there were more than 250 all male colleges, now there are, according to Wikipedia, less than 20.

Progress, that is what many people would say that this, and for the most part I agree, but where do we draw the line on Gender Equality? Men and women are not one and the same and sometimes men want to be around only men and the women want to be with women. If I start a testicular cancer support group should the government be allowed to force me to let women join? How can women begin to relate? And how could men begin to understand the complexities of childbirth, menopause, and breast cancer?

My point is, I think it is fine for the government to make rules regarding any club or organization that my tax dollars support. That is why Texas Women’s University had to become co-ed. It was not a privately funded university and so they had to admit men.

Now about race… there are still some organizations that exclude people based on race. They normally don’t come out and say that they are excluding people based on race, but they can get around the law by creating rules that govern acceptance into the organization. Golf clubs often times require sponsorship from another member and then there are a number of requirements that have to be met even after you have been sponsored by another member. The board members can still reject your application to the club based on any number of reasons and they never have to cite race as one of them. 

It’s hard to believe that this type of behavior is till going on in America today. In a world where we have so many other things to fight for we still feel the need to oppress certain groups in order to make ourselves feel more superior than others. That is really all prejudice is all about. It’s ignorance and pride and putting others down is the first sign of a deeper need to make yourself feel better.

At then end of dinner I agreed with both guys on the various points of gender equality, but I sided mostly with the belief that exclusivity is sometimes necessary only when gender is involved and when both men and women have the opportunity to do the same thing.  If men want to have an exclusive support group, there is nothing from stopping women from doing the exact same thing -isn’t that still equality? The Girl Scouts should not have to admit men because there is a scouting organization for boys and vice versa.

So where do you stand?