I Hate it When…

My fabulous chocolate dessert is contaminated with raspberry anything.

TV shows turn a show that could normally be over in 30 minutes into a 3 night special event (Dancing with the Stars).

I get invited to eat Meatballs at Jes’ house at the last minute when I already have plans.

I invite someone to do something and they already have plans! (KT).

I get one of those boxed lunches at a conference and I open it up with some serious expectation and instead of a Ham Brie and Turkey on Ciabatta (One of the options on the side of the box) I get a pile of rabbit food with a splash of dressing. (please check the box that says “Other” next time so I don’t get my hopes up)

I go anywhere and they serve me a continental breakfast. What exactly does contintental stand for anyway, COLD and STALE?

I’ve just lamented about something unpleasant about homeownership and someone says, “Welcome to homeownership!” I just want to punch them in the face.

I have to mow my lawn and my neighbor is mowing his at the same time so I keep seeing him and he doesn’t speak any English and so we have to communicate with a series of hand gestures and head nods. It’s very exhausting.

I know I have bad breath and I don’t have any mints or gum and I have to talk to people. I keep wanting to talk with the least amount of exhalation. Stupid onions.

I have car problems of any sort. I don’t have time for car problems and right now my truck is acting up and so you know what that means… TIME TO BUY A NEW CAR!



Snickerdoodle – Definition – a fancy way of saying sugar cookie with a little cinnamon added on top.

Long John Silvers - Americans have a love/hate relationship with LJS. We all love it, but we hate to admit it. The same is true for twinkies, which are fun just because saying the word Twinkie brings us so much pleasure.

Starbucks, and I’m probably being Captain Obvious here, is not about the coffee at all, it’s about taking over the world by making people feel good about themselves and at the same time stealing their money.