Dan Finnerty and The Dan Band

OMG, this rocked my face clean off…

Also, who isn’t working tomorrow and wants to see Tropic Thunder with me at 11:45 a.m.? No one? I’ll have to eat that entire large popcorn myself? Fine then, but when I am crying buttery tears and screaming out your name lying in the fetal position blocking the aisle, you’ll wish that you had been there with me!!!!

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I Love the Whole World

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An Email Conversation with Katie of Kpinion

Katie: “Hey for Sunday, the menu is Chilli, bread, drinks, and buttermilk pie. Feel free to add comments, suggestions, or vetoes to any menu items. If you want an appetizer feel free to bring one (HA – that sounded so mean and I didn’t mean it that way). “

Eddie: “Buttermilk Pie? Isn’t that a little custardy? Someone made it here for our work celebration and it tasted like freshly liposuctioned fat with sugar added. But hey, yours might be better than theirs!”

Katie: “Wow and you’re saying thatfreshly liposuctioned fat with sugar added” ¬†doesn’t sound good?”