Brush… and a lot of barrels…

I did my first paying job for Brush and Barrel last week. A living room, kitchen, dining room, hallway and bathroom – in 2 days. With 10 foot ceilings and a myriad of fancy moldings I didn’t know if I was going to be able to pull it off, but I did. On top of that, I had to created 2 straight line breaks using a chalk line and that isn’t something I’ve ever done by myself. I’ve watched my dad do it, but I’d never done it before and so to pull that feat off without a hitch was quite rewarding.

At the end of the day my shoulders and body ached from the repetitive motion of rolling paint and using a brush. However, I enjoyed myself immensely.  It was so nice to be doing manual labor and seeing immediate results for my hard work. My full-time job doesn’t always work out that way. I work hard and sometimes the work I do just gets scrapped or when it is approved, it isn’t very rewarding. I find that painting is quite rewarding and I think that if I keep practicing then this might be what I do full time one day. I could hire a few people, purchase a big sprayer or two and then we’d be in business. The best part is that i can use my own house right now to continue trying out new things. Faux finishes, various textures, etc. I have some friends that paid a fortune to have their ceilings re-textured. It looked great, but it cost $4000. If people are paying that kind of money and getting the job done in a week then i may need to rethink my career goals.

So that is why you didn’t get a real post the last 4 days. I was working up a storm, getting things painted and then getting things done at my house. Cutting down tree limbs, painting some more in the garage and cleaning up the house.

Hope your weekend was great!


Rubbermaid: These Shelves Are BLOWING MY MIND!

I need shelves for the garage and Rubbermaid has some Kick A shelving systems. See Figure A Below:

Doesn’t that just make your mouth water? Don’t you almost just spasm with pleasure when you look at all that stuff just hanging on the wall ready to be plucked and used? Did you take it all in?

So I bought 2 shelving units that are 48 inches long, two rods that hold them in place on the wall and 4 thngs that stick out that you put the wire shelves on. Add to that one of those black rails that you can hook things on and I’ve spent 70+ bucks. In total I think it will be about $300 dollars to organize my garage, but when I am done, I may want to just move out there!

All of this organization has made me want to organize my closets. I have two, a his and a hers, but hers is full of winter clothes right now.

Then what about the laundry room? It would need to be done as well. Check it:

And if all of that has you chomping at the bit, then here is the link so you can check out some more storage solutions.


Home Relationships

Home Again

As I was brushing my teeth this morning I finally felt at peace in my house. It’s weird how you don’t even realize the underlying stress and tension that someone can cause you until they are gone.

I poured a cup of Spunky Monkey Coffee and drank it in silence. The house was still and clean. There were no crumbs on my coffee table, the trash was empty. There was no one snoring on my couch.

There are times when I think about what happened with Josh that I still feel a bit of anxiety and emotion about that entire situation. I probably didn’t handle it as best as I could, but I knew I couldn’t live with him any longer. I can only take so much of something until I eventually explode. 

I told Josh to leave last Tuesday. I cut him out of my life, because I was ready to cut him, literally.

I’m 32 now and a good portion of my life was lived with a weight of anxiety, fear and dread. I don’t plan to live like that ever again. I never want my home to be a place that I dread coming home to. It is my refuge, my place of restoration. It’s nice that after a week it’s home again.

Design Home

Before and After – For those Renovation Junkies

Living Room!

This was my living room when I bought it. I’ve since changed out the ceiling fan with the help of my buddy Joe who also helped with the fixtures in the dining room and breakfast area.

My Living Room

This is my living room now with a very zany rug that I found. Normally I have more of it hidden under the couch, but I did some spring cleaning yesterday and just now realized that I didn’t place it back where I had it before. In person it looks better than it does here at this angle. Also, I only have 3 Pottery Barn pillows on my couch because those things are about 50 bucks each.

The paint color is Laura Ashely Gold 3 – you can get it at Lowes. I tried multiple other colors from blue to red to mustard yellow to even a sage green. This one worked the best and I love it.

The coffee table is from World Market and that rooster was a gift from the Cribbies back when everyone thought I was into roosters. I’ve never been into roosters, they just seem to keep showing up in my life.

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“You bested me again you chocolate bitch”

A street view of my house from Google Maps…

Street view of my house from Google Maps

It looks very sunny and nice from this picture. Just look at it, it’s so fierce, it’s a fierce hot mess… haha. SNL did a great sketch on Christian Siriano, this year’s winner of Project Runway, he is funny.

I took this picture on the day that they did the funeral service for Officer Lozada. I was driving and I took it with my BlackBerry and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

Dallas Police Officer is Remembered

If you aren’t from Texas then you might not know what those poles are on the left… those are insane plastic HOV barriers.

And a picture of my dinner which I submitted to

Face on my Calzone

And the title of this post is from one of the greatest shows on the planet – SCRUBS. Dr. Kelsoe stares down a brownie and at last gives in, “You bested me again you chocolate bitch.” I think we can all understand this phrase.