Detox Day 2: For Me

When you do a diet, you should never do it for someone else, you should do it for yourself.  Do it because it is something you need to do, a change you want to make, to feel better, etc.

I’ve been putting off dieting because I was fed up with trying. My life happens to be super fun and packed with events that always center around food. Oh, wait, what’s that? Your life is the same way too?

Living in America our culture is all about food and why not? It’s good, it’s fun and it is an inexpensive form of entertaintment. (Eating is also required to survive just in case you didn’t know that.)

So today, I’m doing this detox for me, for my future, for long-term health. This year is proving to be a life-changing year for me. I’ve made some big strides, accomplished a lot, achieved some personal goals and I want to continue down that path.

Breakfast: Carrots and water
Current Weight: 345.6 (Surprised by the ~7 pound weight loss, mostly water I’m sure.)
Lunch: Beans with avocado (Avocado is actually a fruit, but I’m allowing it)
Dinner: Broccoli, Beans, Vegetable Medley


Detox Day 1: For God

I’m dedicating each day of my detox to something or someone in my life. Today I’m dedicating to God because he is my rock and my foundation. 

I gave some thought as to why I believe in God. I believe, I have faith, not because of what someone else has told me, but from experience. When you try something and it works, you stick with it. If you could buy a diet pill that allowed you to lose weight without changing your diet you would believe in it, you would have faith. Well, God isn’t a diet pill, but I believe in him because the things in my life where I have needed him, he has been there. He works.

I’m doing vegetables and water for 21 days. My thoughts on this process were further confirmed after reading Daniel where Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and Daneil wouldn’t eat the King’s food. Daniel insisted in eating nothing but vegetables and water for 10 days and after those 10 days they were all in better shape than the other men selected who had been eating the kings meat.

I’m hoping that this will help me to feel better. I’ve got so many reasons to do something drastic. I’m going to try to document all 21 days here so if you are interested keep coming back.

Breakfast: Carrots and Lemon in boiled water with ginger root.
Current Weight: 352.2
Lunch: Steamed corn and broccoli
Dinner: Zucchini and Squash Stir Fry

Later in the week I plan to add more beans and some potatoes to get extra calories and protein.

Diet Health Sports

Eddie Renz joins Texas Instruments’ Track Team

On Wednesday, March 5, 32 year old Eddie Renz joined the TI Track team. “I’m throwing shot put and discus, but I’d really like to train and run the 100 meter or 200 meter as well.” Renz said, albeit breathlessly, in a recent interview. This claim seemed unlikely since Renz weighs 340 pounds. However, the official meet isn’t until June and so he plans to start running now in an effort to be in shape for both events.

TI has won the USCAA national track meet for the last 7 years and plans to win this year as well.

Culture Diet TV Reviews

Knight Rider and Dexter

So there is very little to watch these days other than reality TV and Lost and now that the writer’s strike is over we can all rejoice because our shows are coming back. I miss Pushing Daisies and Cane and Desperate Housewives. However, what history has taught us about human nature is that we adapt to our circumstances. That adaptation has led me to watch shows that are dark and fascinating, like Dexter and the suprisingly good Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Roger, Jes’ husband pointed out that Leana Heady looks just like Michael Jackson… I didn’t think that, but now I do… take a look for yourself.



So last night I caught up on the 2 hour season premiere of Knight Rider and was sort of bored and in awe at the same time. The Ford product placement and commercials were extremely annoying, but “KITT” was definitely the star of the show. With nanotechnology that quickly repairs bullet holes and broken glass, KITT is much cooler than his predecessor.

A cool cameo by David Hasselhoff is unexpected and appreciated at the end, but overall I thought the show was lacking. They just tried to fit too much into one show and they should have kept it simple.

Now, I just checked iTunes and you can download the entire first season of Dexter. Apparently it was on Showtime last year and now they are running it on primetime. Dexter is a sociopath that has a need for killing, however, his Dad taught him as a kid that when he gets the urge to kill he just needs to find someone that deserves to die. Scratch the itch, but make sure it’s a worthy itch I guess. It’s definitely a unique spin on a show that is mostly about murder. I mean, normally the one catching the murderers isn’t out killing people too. That stuff is normally saved for Lifetime movie of the week and James Patterson’s novel – Kiss the Girls.

So while you are waiting for your favorite show to come back, give one of these a try on and see how it fits.

Later taters.


Fastest Weight Loss – Ever…

I’ve done Atkins, South Beach, Sugarbusters, Weight Watchers, etc. However, I’ve never lost weight this fast.

Wednesday morning I weighed 350 and then yesterday morning I weighed 345.2. I chalked it up to water weight and just general weight fluctation. When you weight this much 3-5 pounds is nothing to fluctuate on a daily basis.

This morning I got up and I weighed 340.2. That’s 10 pounds in 2 days. Again, a lot of it is probably water weight, but let me remind you that in the last 3 days I’ve worked out 6 hours, 3 or those hours were doing Bikram Yoga and the other 3 were weight training and intensive cardio.

I’ve manage to eat 1200 calories or less the last 2 days eating mostly yogurt, turkey, and other foods that are high in protein, good fats and good complex carbohydrates. I’m also drinking lots of water and taking Hydroxycut Hardcore and Creatine Ethyl Esther. The creatine is to help my muscles recover and it is also normally keeps you from having that “water weight loss” that you see on the scale when you first start a diet.

I’ve got 15 pounds to go to reach my first goal. I wonder if I can make it by the end of January? That is what I am going to shoot for.