Cody is chillin' in our palatial road trip residence.

Cody and Dumas just relaxing after our long drive. It is probably about 1:00 am when I took this picture.

Fuji - named after the mountain not the film despite the fact that he belongs to a photographer - Brent Humphreys

Dumas sleeping like a baby... we stayed up so late and then we slept late too. It was a very lazy relaxing weekend.

Cody rejecting the camera's affection.

Kerby Lane cafe was so stinking good! We went on Friday morning and it was so good we had to go back again on Sunday before we left.

Cody and Dumas checking out the Kerby Lane signage.

Inside Kerby Lane there are some really cool paintings for sale. The place was very 1960's - even the wait staff was covered in tattoos and retro paraphernalia.

Dumas tries to decide on what to order. Everything looked sooo good!

Cody also ponders the menu - he got biscuits and gravy in the end - boring!

Eddo is contemplating humanity, neo-classical design, and waffles.

Can you say freakin' awesome mocha float!

The Three Amigos!

Migas - half-eaten goodness galore! Scrambled eggs with queso, black beans, rice, and tortillas!

Yes! That is the Capitol building right smack dab at the end of Congress St.

Here is a nice zoomed out picture of the Capitol Building.

Cody and Dumas kicking it on the Capitol Curb.

A statue of Paul Revere?

Ugh. My eyes are shut in this picture and the guy that took the photo for us is not a good photo taker. That is what you get when you ask some random dude to take your picture.

Inside the Capitol it was a mad house. I actually expected people to be more reverent. There was a gaggle of kids on the 4th floor that were so loud I almost through them over the railing.

The center of the building.

The detail work on the inside of the dome was brilliant. I was impressed.

Eddo and Cody on the 4th floor looking down. I wanted to bungee down the center of the capitol, but Cody wouldn't let me - I was LIVID!

See how nice and open the center is - perfect for a smooth bungee jump.

Cody and Dumas are afraid of the railing - mostly because I tried to shove them over numerous times.

Senate Gallery signage - I wish it would have said, "Please keep your loud mouthed children at home!"

inside the Senate Gallery. Very Posh indeed.

Cody wants to slide down the railing. Bad Cody! BAD CODY!!!

An upstairs view of the Senate Gallery.

Dumas shows strong support for the committee hearing while Cody just watches pensively showing little emotion.

Outraged at the results Cody and Dumas both show their defiance.

Eddo decides that he won't sit for this either - he takes a very pointed stance on the subjecct.

A view of Austin from one of the upstairs windows of the Capitol.

Austin has some really nice hill country - this was also taken from inside the Capitol.

The Real World House - We were delighted to finally find this place on 3rd street, however, they had already taken down all of the Real World decor much to our dismay.

Out and about taking a scenic tour of Austin I saw a few houses that I would have loved to live in...

The governor's mansion. Perty!

This was just another cool house in Austin that looked like a Castle.

David Lee a long time friend who goes to school at UT and lives in Austin took us to Waterloo. Sorry David, it wasn't tasty but I still enjoyed kicking it with you!

Could this be a group of future Mrs. Renz's?

Kayak time!

The Colorado River was very nice and very pretty.

Dumas and Cody with an oar on the Rivierside. The Kayaks were rented out at 10 bucks an hour.

Cody broke the water spout at the performance Arts theatre we went to.

Noodle-ism - good chicken pad thai but it made me gassy... :(.

Inside Pete's Piano Bar - I was hot and the place was pretty lively, but it wasn't really my thang. I prefer some good music that you can shake your booty too over old tunes that have been perverted by the dueling piano dudes.

That is a Kick Ass trophy... Really. If you look at it closely you will see that there is a man kicking the rear end of an ass.