Equal parts eco-thriller and science fiction novel, Janus Watchers takes readers on a memorable and suspenseful journey of contemporary myth-making and character-driven adventure.

The Grey Man, "Bigfoot" of the Scottish Highlands, attacks a young couple camping on Ben MacDhui. Suzy Suzuki and Alan Reilly of The Center for Cryptozoological Research cross the Atlantic to help Constable Donaldson investigate the crime.

While pursuing the Grey Man, the investigators discover a parallel universe of strange and legendary creatures-creatures who occasionally cross over into other worlds, despite the vigilance of the Janus Watchers, who are the guardians of the doorways between realities.

In Asgarth, the threesome discover that both this world and the one they've left behind are facing cataclysmic environmental destruction. With the help of the young girl, Avatar, and a few of the creatures they meet along the way, the investigators embark on an adventure that may help curb the devastation. However, one of Reilly's and Suzuki's former colleagues is doing whatever he can to keep them from succeeding.

Set in the near future, Janus Watchers encompasses themes of loyalty, revenge, betrayal, and love within the larger venues of environmental degradation, Old Norse mythology, and apocalyptic legend.

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