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My Life with the Wilson’s

Over the past year and a half I have lived completely by myself. No roommates, relatively quiet neighbors and in my own house. It was bliss – for the most part – or was it?

I remember sitting on the couch and luxuriating in the quiet solitude after a long night DJing a wedding. Or cooking a big dinner and vegging out on the couch and watching movies pretty much anytime I wanted. I loved those times, but it sure is nice to be around people again.

For a while I had a few nightmare roommates and I thought that living by myself was my only option, but I realize now that living with the right people is such a blessing.

Chris and Joleen are two of the most fun people I know and we get along really well. It has been a delight to watch their 2 1/2 year old son go through potty training and to watch his parents be patient and deal with the antics of a kiddo.

One thing for sure is that I’ve become a little less selfish with my time and I no longer feel the need to have “Me” time. I actually look forward to going home and spending time with the Wilson’s and I have to force myself sometimes to go to bed or else we’d all stay up until midnight every night.

These last two months have been challenging in that all of my stuff is located in three different places and I’ve been living out of a laundry basket with just a handful of my clothes. I don’t have my own refrigerator or kitchen for that matter and I don’t get to watch exactly what I want to watch on TV. These are things that I thought I couldn’t live without and while I still miss these conveniences, I am perfectly content to live without them since I get the bonus of living with good friends. In other words, it’s a nice trade-off. Relationships are much more important than material things or favorite television shows. I think for a while I had forgotten about that.

Over the last few months I’ve grown a great deal and while I don’t know what the future holds, I plan to be sure to invest more time in people and less time in myself.

A big thanks to the Wilson’s… and to God for leading my life in this direction and knowing always what is best for me.

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