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Accepted to DTS!

Two days ago I found out that I got accepted to DTS. This is exciting for so many reasons.

1. I never thought I’d go to seminary and figured it was only for pastors or missionaries
2. I’m finally going to school for something I really want to do.
3. I’m going for a Masters in Media and Communication
4. One of my classes is Creative Writing!
5. I hope to one day work for a church doing Audio, Video and Web & Graphic design

For the last year I’ve been supporting myself with Web and Graphic design and I finally realized that this is something I’m good at and that I love. I used to kind of think of myself as a “Hack” that could put together some nice graphics, but not great graphics. Well, without any schooling at all I’ve landed multiple jobs and I’ve made a lot of money and so I decided to give up the “I’m not that good” act and just start really pursuing this career path.

God made me creative – actually, he made us all creative, I think we just don’t realize our own creativity. Some of us approach problems in creative ways that lead to brilliant solutions while others may build things with their hands or organize things well. Just because it’s not a piece of art doesn’t mean that you aren’t creative. If we are all created in the image of God then I think we all have some of his creativity – some just tap into it easier than others.

So here I am at 34 working for a church, doing web & graphic design and living back in Denton, TX near all my friends and family. It is a great feeling to be doing exactly what you love and I’m honored that I get to be part of such a great educational institution like DTS to further my career and creativity all while learning more about God. Does it get any better? I don’t think so.

In His Grip,


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