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I Like Being Helped

It’s been a while since I updated Posted Note. I don’t update as frequently as I used to because I’m always updating Facebook, but… I think that this site has been a place for me to catalogue my life and hopefully one day I can look back here and see that I have grown over the years. I hope my children can read this site and possibly my future wife and be proud of me for my accomplishments despite some minor setbacks and unfortunate limitations – limitations that I put on myself.

Currently I’m working for Denton Bible Church as a part-time Youth Pastor and Creative Arts Director in the Student Ministries. It’s awesome and challenging in ways I never dreamed and that is the part I love and hate the most.

I think human nature is to gravitate towards things that come easy for us – and if not human nature, definitely my nature. I don’t like having to call out to God for help. I want to do it all myself – or rather that used to be me. I was so independent, I wanted all the credit and glory and was even willing to accept the fallout if there was a problem. How immature. Now I realize that asking for help is a sign of maturity. Reaching out to God and friends and family when in need is what we are supposed to do. People like to feel needed – I’ve decided I like being helped.

I’ve got to bounce for now, but I want to say thanks to all the friends that read Posted Note and drop me notes of encouragement or have open debates in my comments section. It blesses me to see that we can respect each other’s beliefs and decisions and at the same time try to better understand them and in the end maybe better understand ourselves.

Much Love.

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