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Thank You!

For those of you who don’t frequent Posted Note often then you may have missed the dramatic crisis that transpired here just 9 days ago.

In a moment of panic I put all my stuff up for sale and sent out an email asking about 50 friends for help. Within 48 hours I had raised close to $2000 – I nice dent in the $6000 that I needed to raise so my house would not foreclose.

Over the next few days there was an outpouring of love, prayers and generosity from family and friends and believe it or not, I raised $6000. Most of that was in new business that came as a direct result of my cry for help. But some of which came from friends and a big chunk from family and a few items of furniture that I sold.

It took me the last year and a half to get into this final situation. Problems with debt don’t normally happen over night and after being laid off January 2009 I have managed to earn a lot of money and lose a lot of money in various investments, clients who didn’t pay and just poor decisions.

What I’ve realized is that you have to be vigilant when it comes to funds. Being giving is nice, but it’s a mistake when you aren’t taking care of your own responsibilities. Just because one month you are flush with cash and you have jobs galore lined up does not mean that those jobs won’t fall through or that unforseen expenses won’t pop up like a ravenous mouse and devour all your cheddar.

So to those of you that prayed and donated and purchased and hired – I cannot begin to thank you enough. You made a seemingly insurmountable situation nothing more than a mole hill. I’m extremely grateful and please know that I am here if you need me. (But please hold those needs until July so I can get caught up on all this work that I just got!)

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