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Google Checkout Suspended

I’m not a fan of Google anymore… they are becoming the new Microsoft. They’ve gotten so big that they no longer give you personal service and it seems impossible to even submit a simple help ticket that isn’t some sort of drill-down option that forces you to pick a problem that may or may not relate to your specific problem.

I setup Google Checkout for a client and then our account was suspended because Google was unable to verify our 501c3 account status. We faxed over the documentation and still 10 days later we still don’t have a resolution. Customers can’t register and I am frustrated with Google’s lack of response.

But it appears this is business as usual with Google.

See what others have had to say here:

Google checkout Account has been suspended

This is on Google’s own support forum.

So I could spend hours listing all the complaints, but the consensus is – DON’T USE GOOGLE CHECKOUT – and if you do, have a backup plan in place.

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