knowing what’s right doesn’t make it any easier…

My house hasn’t sold and I’m feeling a little restless. I hate living in two different cities and I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing for that past 7 years. My life never really stopped here in Denton and it never really began in Plano. So now that I’m stuck in Plano with a house I no longer want and a location I no longer need I find myself becoming impatient.

I want things to happen on my schedule.

I don’t want to be patiently waiting on the Lord when I know that he has everything under control.

I’d like to be a big whiney baby… but I’ve learned that gets you no where and in the end you only feel foolish for not trusting in the Lord. But knowing what’s right doesn’t make it any easier to do. Knowing what’s right doesn’t make me any less impatient.

The crazy thing is my house is nice and I know when I leave I’ll be a little bit sad to lose such a great home, but I’ll be so glad to be free of that burden. I think possessions become so cumbersome that I rarely find myself wanting anything new these days – which might be one of the many positives that come out of this whole experience.

So yeah, 55 days and 29 showings…

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