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And Your Eyes Were Staring Back at Me…

When I imagine us together I see your face staring back at me from your pillow. Your hair is tousled, your smile crooked, your breathing content.

I see you in the kitchen drying your hands. I hear your laugh while you play with the kids.

When I think of you, I remember the way you smell and the way you make me feel. Like soap and flowers and home and then guilt for being so happy and knowing that no one should feel this much joy.

I see you scratching the dogs head. I listen for your voice while you talk on the phone. I hear your breathing when your lying on my shoulder, I feel your heartbeat when your in my arms.

I’ve been picturing your face for years now. I’ve been searching for you every day like treasure and each day I keep hoping to see your eyes staring back at me.

I keep looking for your smile. I keep listening for your voice. With eyes wide open I keep looking for your eyes and hoping one day, I see the eyes that were seaching just as hard for me.

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