The Softness of a Horses’ Nose…

This has to be one of my favorite things. The soft horse nose which is smoother than velvet and has some little whiskers that seem unnecessary but are as useful as eyebrows. God doesn’t miss a thing.

I remember when I worked at a horse ranch in Sanger, Texas. I was 12 and big for my age, but the horses were bigger. “Spring” was a twelve year old Appaloosa that had the most gentle spirit. She was a brood mare and had conceived multiple champion stallions. Even in her huge frame she seemed graceful and motherly.  While many horses are skittish and they will look at you with a wide-eye filled with fear whenever you approach, Spring would only stand there and act as if you were insignificant. She had a quiet strength that seemed to calm the air around her and I enjoyed being near her for this very reason.

Not all the horses at the Bar-B Ranch were like Spring. Actually, the majority of them weren’t. Some horses are arrogant or expectant. Some are fearful or mean, but at the Bar-B, all of them were beautiful.

What I love about Appaloosas is that it looks as if God had some extra white paint lying around and decided to splash it on the rear end of these great creatures.  A splish here, a splash there and when the horses tried to run away gleefully from their creator they kicked up some of the paint and sprinkled their feet and the rest of their body.

If you have never had the chance to stand quietly in the open near a bunch of horses then you might not understand that in this single animal there are signs of God. How could something be so graceful on four strange hooves? How could so much muscle and flesh be carved so exquisitely beautiful?

As I stroked Springs nose I couldn’t resist but to nuzzle it against my face. I would look her in the eyes and she would stare back seeming to understand that I didn’t expect anything from her, I just needed to be near her.  Looking back I now realize that the comfort I drew from Spring was similar to the strength I draw from God. Understanding his strength is superior and yet still knowing that he is gentle and kind and graceful.

I don’t understand people who don’t believe in God, perhaps, they’ve never felt the softness of a horses’ nose.

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