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9 Years of Blogging

When I started Posted Note I had no idea that I’d be writing about my life and all its inanities in every detail for years to come. Did I know how many people I would hurt or humiliate? Did I know how passive aggressive I could be? Or Whiny? Or self-absorbed?  No. In truth I didn’t.

When I first started writing about my life online I thought it was like a cool online diary – and it was and  still is.  However, diaries are usually kept secret and written by girls. They have cool pink covers with a clasping lock and a tiny key. They are not published online and complete strangers, as well as close family members, are not reading your diary if it is tucked under your pillow or securely stuffed between your mattress.

The thing about a diary is that it was solely for you. It was a place to chronicle your thoughts and dreams and to gush about your latest crush. No one could be hurt by that diary because it was secret and treasured.

Enter blogging in the year 2000 and suddenly everyone is airing their personal affairs online and some of us are even getting paid for it. Have a severe case of hemarrhoids? No problem, just write a funny story about the aching, burning and itching online and your readers will gasp and laugh and cry with you and it will all be better. Constipated? Rest assured that someone else in the interworld has been just as constipated and them reading about your bowel lack-of-movement will move them to tears.

So for 9 years I have been writing about my life and it has been very cathartic, humbling, rewarding, upsetting, and most consistent thing I have ever done in my life other than eat and poop.

The best thing about writing an online diary is that I can look back 5 years ago and see what was going on in my life. I just did and I saw a post entitled “Babies, Christmas and Divorce” – my sister was moving to Arlington for College, she has since graduated. Stowe and Sarah Campbell were having their first baby, they now have 3 and a friend of mine was getting divorced.

So much can happen in our lives and if we don’t stop to make a note of it we will forget how far we’ve come. Take a moment to reflect on your past, not the negative, but the positive. See what you have learned and how much you have changed and grown. And perhaps start your own diary where you can write your latest dreams and about your latest crush.

For me I’m glad I’ve got Posted Note to not only chronicle my life’s goals and accomplishments, but also to remind me of my imperfections and how I have to work hard every day to be a better man than I was yesterday.

Merry Christmas!

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