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K is for Kentucky

“Bros before Dominoes” I said to Joe as we were playing  a game of Chicken Foot or Mexican train dominoes and he kept winning. Joe is my best friend, but he is more like an older brother and his family is definitely like my family.

On Saturday we went to a UK football game and before that we did a little tailgating Kentucky style. There was a plethora of people camped out around the stadium hours beforehand with their UK Blue pop up tents, televisions, generators and ice chests overflowing with beer and brats. We hadn’t eaten lunch and so I gorged on a some chicken wings, 2 hot dogs, chips and dip and some serious dessert.

After the tailgating we went to the game and UK lost in overtime, but wow, what a great experience. The crowd was really into the game and there is nothing quite like watching sports live. There seems to be this community of people who come together for a moment all hoping and wishing for the same thing – VICTORY. The battle raged on the field and in the stands as we cheered on the Wildcats with a C-A-T-S – CATS! CATS! CATS! but alas, Tennessee defeated us in the end.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing racquetball and eating as well as hanging some with Joe’s wife Amber, Amber’s best friend Nicole, Joe’s daugther Abi and of course Amber’s parents Steve and Thel.

Steve thought he would take his 58 year old body and play some racquetball against Joe and I and what a mistake! After a few falls and a tight hamstring we finally called it a day. But it was so fun playing one of my favorite sports with two of my favorite people.

It was a great Thanksgiving weekend and I’m thankful for the friends and family the God has put in my life.

How was your Turkey Day?

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