My Super Sweet 16

Last Saturday I DJ’d a sweet 16 party and it went off like weapon of mass destruction. I’m serious. People were getting jiggy with it, gettin low, pop, lock and droppin it and shaking their tailfeather’s non-stop. This is rare at a Sweet 16 party. Normally you get a group of kids who are too cool to dance to great music of any genre. Their hair is long and combed into their faces and their skinny jeans are so tight that I doubt rhythmic moving would be possible even if they were suddenly possessed by Michael Jackson’s spirit.

This group of kids had lots of requests and they stayed on the dance floor for a complete 3 hours and I’m sure if the parents of all these students hadn’t arrived we could have danced until they were all passed out drunk on the awesomeness that is dance.

All in all, the party was a huge success and so I closed out the night with my sweet Michael Jackson routine complete with Moonwalk and hip thrust gyrations that had everyone’s heads spinning and hands clapping. This Super Sweet 16 was just as good as one of those you see on MTV… because I was the DJ.

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