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I’m Selling My House

I’ve been contemplating selling my house lately. Why? I’m afraid I’m turning into my real dad.  Working in my living room all day surrounded by nothing but the sound of the TV and the click-clack of my keyboard.

I’ve successfully isolated myself into a world that is filled with only the exact people I want in my life, but most of those people live in Denton and if I don’t move I will continue to drift alone out here in this big brick box that is as empty and hollow as my love life.

Selling a house is such a big decision, especially after just two years of owning it. But, I only bought it because I thought I would be working at Texas Instruments for the rest of my life. Now that thought seems depressing. Working for someone else for the rest of my life? No thanks. But… what if I can work for myself for the rest of my life and start now by investing in me? Cut my overhead, simplify the excess, and just take care of myself and a handful of responsibilities instead of two hands full.

Say a prayer for me. This is a big decision and I have no idea where I will live in Denton.

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