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So I Keep My Mouth Shut Tight

For a while there I was going through a phase where I was talking a bunch. I was doing contract computer work at a nursing home with these women who loved to complain about everything and you can really get swept up in a whirlwind of whining.

Then I had a few normal life issues come along and the road got bumpy and I wanted to belly-ache some more and so I did. I used this website and Facebook and phone calls to friends and my mom and I griped and complained.

Now, I’m in a SHUT UP phase. If I haven’t called you in a while it’s because I don’t have anything good to say and you know that saying about not saying anything at all… so I’m not. I’m just keeping my mouth shut tight and listening more and trying to be positive.

My nature is to vent my frustration, but what of it? Does venting really help or does it merely fan the flames of discontent?

Sometimes I have legitimate problems that stress me out, but I am constantly finding more positive ways to deal with those problems. Instead of complaining, I read a book, or a go to the gym or I watch a Bible Study DVD. I’m learning to cope with silence, with being alone, with understanding the blessed peace and serenity in the small things in life and when I need to vent, I need to find ways to go about it that are constructive instead of just grumbling.

Love and Hugs to my readers.


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