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And Then I Spewed Word Vomit like an Over-Pressurized Fire Hose

My friend Jimmy is in town from China and I am staying with him and his parents for a couple of days. The problem with having a close friend so far away is that when we finally get together there is soooo much to talk about. Did we cover this in an email already? Not sure, so let’s rehash it again.

Jimmy and I have lived together, worked at 2 different companies together, travelled to China together, worked as High School leaders at Denton Bible Churh and were even in Evangelism Explosion together when we were in High School. It’s been a long journey that has forged a friendship that has become more like family.

Now that I live and work alone I seem to have all sorts of information that just sort of builds up in me that I don’t have time to share through an email. Imagine going weeks and months at a time without really having a meaningful conversation with anyone. It’s easy to do because people are busy and you don’t just go sharing your doubts and fears and dreams with just anyone. So when I get around my friends that I know really care about what I have to say then I tend to just blab word vomit all over them. It comes gushing out in projectile streams that I can’t control.I apologize later and just like real vomit I feel so much better when I get things out of my system.

It’s been a good visit hanging with Jimmy while he’s in town. I think it is interesting how sometimes distance can actually grow a friendship. It makes you stop and take a moment when they are in town and you don’t ever take them for granted. I have friends that live just an hour away and I rarely spend the weekend with them and so our time isn’t focused quality time.

So if I haven’t seen you in a while and you can’t shut me up, then consider it an honor cause it means I count you as a close friend. One I could vomit on and we’d still be friends later.

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