Weight Loss on Pause?

After losing a miraculous 20 pounds in 7 days my body decided to just stop losing weight. For 2 consecutive days I ate around 1200 calories and worked out about 2-3 hours each day with no weight loss. Talk about a demotivator.

I then ate regular food for 2 days and actually put on  4 pounds…. but, I’d also worked out wildly those 2 days and so I should have just stayed the same. It’s quite bizarre. But I’m continuing to press on with the diet and hopefully I can get down to 320 at least by August 1. i’ve got to continue to mold and work on my overall diet and workout plan until I have sufficiently figured out the right balance of carbs, fat, protein and workout.

I’ve never been more focused and despite the eye injury (Got hit by a racquetball racquet) I’m not going to be set back too far. I’m going to take the day off today and not workout, but it will be the first day in 15 that I haven’t busted my butt with at least an hour or two of cardio.

Much Love…. Eddo

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