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The Power of Posted Note

I’ve used this site many times to convey information about companies and I am always surprised at how effective it can be.

Recently I posted about Genator Johnson, and attorney that is supposed to help with fixing speeding tickets. The post pretty much talked about what poor customer service I got when I called.

Yesterday, Genator Johnson himself, left this comment on my site:

I am the attorney of the Genator Johnson Law Firm. Mr. Renz, I am sorry that we did not meet your expectations when you called in. I will address your complaint with my staff.

As a matter of accuracy, no one in my office is to promise that we can get a ticket dismissed for $39–that would be untrue. We do get a significant percentage of our clients’ tickets dismissed, but that is not possible in every case. Most of the dismissals come from the failure of the State to meet each and every procedural prerequisite to charge or convict someone of a violation. In the remainder of the cases we almost always secure a reduction in the fine AND an arrangement that will keep any moving violations off of the client’s record.

The legal fee is only $39 per violation due to the fact that my office is located a short drive up the street from the court referenced in the letter to you and the fact that I handle a high volume of citations in that court. I am sorry that I did not have the opportunity to employ my experience and expertise to secure a better deal for you than simply paying the citation in full.

After that comment a girl named Amanda left this comment:

It sounds like the appropriate thing to do would have been to ask for the supervisor. Because of your impatience, you paid for your ticket that will now show as a conviction on your driving record. If you’re that bothered by poor customer service, you should make the supervisor or owner aware of the issue rather than taking the unproductive route (complaining online). Hopefully in the future, you can try to help businesses rather than try to destroy them.

I was delighted to see that Genator Johnson was going to remedy the situation and I replied to Amanda with this:


Not trying to destroy the company, rather enlighten my readers both positively and negatively.

My job isn’t to educate every company that gives me poor service. That would be like telling Chili’s how to make a better burger. I don’t have time for that. This is a capitalist society, survival of the fittest, and sometimes you only get one chance to make a first impression.

As a small business owner myself I have to deal with the harsh customers and it makes me be on my best behavior all the time even when sometimes the customer is impatient.


At Posted Note I always try to keep my readers informed. If I got amazing service, which I always get at Chick-Fil-A, then I let my readers know. However, this is the power of the internet, the power to write a single post that can warn and inform – like the post I wrote about JK Harris telling people NOT to use them that they are scam artists.

Consumer feedback is very powerful, more powerful than any paid advertising. I like to use Angie’s List whenever I am going to use a contractor service and there are of course other consumer report sites out there for virtually every product.

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