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It was as if someone had dropped a big fart on the dance floor because it cleared out immediately.

I’m always annoyed by those people who come up to me while I am DJing and ask me to play a number of songs.

“Can you play Friends in Low Places followed by Get Low and then the Electric Slide?”

I can’t help but think in my mind, “Seriously?” The reason you hire a DJ is because they know how to keep a party moving.

Last night the groove was happening. I had about 20 people on the dance floor for this great house party. Everyone was dressed 60’s flower child style and their costumes were awesome. However, this one lady who was dressed in bell bottoms and a tube top came over and asked me to play some “Real 60’s Music.” I was playing mostly 70’s because that is what I was told to play by the lady who hired me. Her husband was born in 1969 and so she wanted songs played from each decade of his life.

So… trying to be the gracious DJ I put on her 3 requested songs. It was as if someone had dropped a big fart on the dance floor because it cleared out immediately. A bad song can be a real stinker to a great party and so it is imperative that you keep the groove happening. Just because it was a number 1 hit or a popular song does not mean it is a good song for a dance party.

Hippie chick comes back over after the 3 songs she requested are over and says, “Okay, now you can pick things back up” and I replied, “Yeah, you kinda killed it.”

Whoa! Did I actually just say that to her? Normally I would keep those kind of comments in my brain. I mean, I said it with a nice face, but it was true and I wanted her to go away.

The rest of the people that requested music did better, but the host of the party kept coming back and asking me to bring back the funk – gotta have that funk. I was more than happy to oblige and she was very nice and cool.

As my time was coming to a close they asked me to stay longer and I said I would, no charge, but the lady gave me an extra $100 bucks for staying about 45 minutes extra. Sweet.

I think in the end everyone had a great time, but I think few people realize that DJ’s, at least the good ones like myself, we know what we are doing and so it’s best to leave the playlist to the Pros and if you have a song request then one song at a time please.

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