A New Deck. A New front Lawn. A New Washer and Dryer

I’m slowly but surely spending my savings on things that I don’t necessarily have to have, but things that I have wanted forever. My lawn is currently segregated. Yep, there is this great sidewalk of Plano dividing my lawn in half and it is keeping the bermuda from mingling with the st. augustine. It’s a religious crisis that has been going on since 1984.

Enough is Enough! The Bermuda is losing this battle and I’m coming in with St. Augustine all over my lawn.

Next in line is a new deck. Why? Because I want to be outside more. I want to be able to enjoy my back yard and I want to invest a little money in my house and continue to make it my own. Sure I could hang on to this money, but why? Responsibility is for boring people who don’t take risks… okay, that’s not entirely true, but part of it is.

Lastly, I want a front loading washer and dryer and a tankless hot water heater. I need them so I can remodel my breakfast area and make it look bigger and more useable. So I’m getting stuff done now while I can and I’m not putting things on hold, life is just too short for that.

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