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The World Spins Madly On

I’ve been wondering how long I can sustain this frantic pace. Working in Waco, DJing, doing website updates and selling Mary Kay.

Be “awesome” at one thing is pretty difficult, being “the best” in 4-5 things is nearly impossible. There is too much to know, too much to learn, too much that keeps changing. In order to succeed you have to stay one step ahead of your competition and the competition is fierce.

But I’m hanging in there and doing a pretty sweet job I might add of all of my current projects. The problem is that in order to stay solvent I need to increase my customer base and figure out a way to make more money, save money, pay off bills – pretty much I need to have longterm customers that provide with a good income so I can stay self-employed.

Who knows how long this nursing home gig will last or how long I will want to continue it. Right now it is my bread and butter, but I’m looking for other opportunities in the Plano area so I can stay close to home and not give up 5 hours a week in drive time.

Everything that I said I’d do
Like make the world brand new
And take the time for you
I just got lost and slept right through the dawn
And the world spins madly on

-The Weepies, The World Spins Madly On

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