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Tweets for 2009-04-18

  • I am using Entourage on my Mac, I am sorry people but Microsoft still wins when it comes to the Mail client. #
  • You can take any image and stick it in a kaleidescope and it will look cool. #
  • Just realized that Kenneth from 30 Rock is Clay Aiken’s character when Aiken appeared on Scrubs. #
  • Web design is one of the most difficult things I do – it brings in the least amount of money and the largest amount of clueless clients #
  • Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #Dallas #blogs #music #
  • If I had my own made for TV movie I would want them to cast Dewayne Johnson as me, Heidi Klum as my wife and the Jobros as my sons. #
  • FYI… I got that Boom Boom Pow, my style’s 3008 yours is so 2000 and late. #
  • @nubied Yikes. That is so hilarious and creepy!! #

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