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Tweets for 2009-04-09

  • Any minute now I expect @dooce to appear in a puff of smoke and pregnant wizardry and then hover in full lotus while reading excerpts. #
  • @blurb your wife IS looking good and working those hills while prego! #
  • Austin book signing @dooce just finished reading and answering questions. She is even prettier in person and as funny as you would expect. #
  • Leaving the book signing without getting my book signed. Lines too long, must drive back now. #
  • Psyche I am in line getting my book signed. It is moving swiftly, I am just bored. #
  • Sweating like a fat man in a plastic sack. Seriously… It is too warm in this bookstore. #
  • @blurb thanks for the fat girl er I meab frat girl pose! You and Heather Rock! #
  • @beckpage I plan to, I need to get my photo off of my camera and I will let you know when the story is posted tonight! #
  • @chirky I didn’t look at the link but I say a bun in the oven a pea in he pod and a stork carrying a baby! Who is pregnant?? Hahhaa! #
  • @nubied uh oh, new shades=gangsta fresh! #
  • @stop yes, chrome balls are quite common in Texas. #
  • When leaving the nursing home I always feel like I am going to back over a resident that is trying to escape in a wheel chair. #

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