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Tweets for 2009-03-26

  • @robba test worked #
  • FYI – the staff at Village Elm Dental is a bunch of Twilight lovin’ hotties… Too bad I think I have already found the future Mrs. Renz. #
  • @stop how do you know if you need to add 30 seconds unless you open it up? Then you can just punch in any number. #
  • Breaksfat Burrito Heaven – Egg, Potato, Cheese and Beans in a homemade tortilla. #
  • Just walked past someone and I think they had just sneezed… In their britches… #
  • @beckpage oh, I hope not! Yuck. #
  • Just booked Hotel in Chicago for Blogher – my 4 nights through was cheaper than my Waco hotel for 3 nights! #

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