I can’t keep up with the trends, the SEO marketing gurus, the celebrities of the blogtwitfacebookflickrverse. There is just an overload of information. Everyone is pushing their product, the latest social network, the coolest gadget, movie, ringtone, digital download, web design, and the exhausting list goes on and on…

Instead, I’m going back to pushing the only thing that people want from me… ME. Or, maybe people don’t want to hear about me, but I sure like writing about me and so that counts for something. 

Lately I’ve been going through a mild depression and by mild I mean eating out 3 times a day until I can barely move, gaining weight and not caring about it and spending inordinate amounts of time alone and on Facebook. 

I think Facebook and Twitter have become the new World of Warcraft. Armies of people who think they are hip and cool by keeping up with all the latest status updates and witticisms from all of their 20 friends, sitting by their computer hacking out tweets on twitter all the while ordering Papa John’s pizza online and getting fatter by the moment. I know because I am describing MYSELF. 

I am becoming a tub of lard and spending more time in front of this dang computer than Michael Jackson looking in the mirror. sha – mon. 

Part of the reason I have become glued to my computer is because my job requires it, but I’ve noticed lately that my manic behavior leads me to do three things: tweet, eat, and spend. Sometimes all at the same time. I look at my BlackBerry for new messages at least 200 times a day. Even during a movie I have to fight the urge not to check and see if I have received a tweet or a txt message or an email. These little morsels of communication have replaced real interaction with friends more and more and allow me to stay someone connected all the while remaining safely disconnected from the reality that I am becoming a fat slob.

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