Waco – You are that embarrassing cousin no one likes to see at Christmas

  1. The average age in Waco is 112
  2. Waco is full of strange people who look crazy, I am sure that is why David Koresh picked it as a launching pad for his cult.
  3. Waco got pregnant during junior high and that is why the Capital was moved to Austin instead of the original Waco location. 
  4. Waco has a number of people who ride around on scooters – sometimes they use their scooters instead of their cars. Probably because their cars are upon blocks in their front lawn.
  5. One upside to Waco is the River, the downside is that it looks like a great place to dump trash and bodies. 
  6. The things that you can do in Waco are either scary or annoying – scary because I think people want to mug me or annoying because people won’t get out of my way. 
  7. While driving through Waco I saw a lot of expensive wheels hauling out their trash. 
  8. Waco, your mom called from the grave and said stop embarrassing her, she’s tired of rolling over. 

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