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The Wrestler

Last night Roger and I went to see The Wrestler, then after we went back to his and Jessica’s house and then Jes came home and we partied until 12. And by “partied” I mean ice cream at my house and American Idol. Self-Employment rocks!

The Wrestler was depressing and slow in parts. I laughed a few times but I was the only one. Everyone else in the theater seemed to be single males in their 50’s and I couldn’t help but wonder if they were there mostly to see Marisa Tomei topless – which happened frequently and wasn’t necessary to add to the overall story, but yeah, it was there and I just focused on my popcorn.

Tonight I just got in from a Happy Hour at Brio with my old co-workers and tomorrow I am off to Waco for 5 days and I might hit up SXSW in Austin for kicks and grins and possibly a trip to San Marcos Pottery Barn.

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