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Tweets for 2009-03-03

  • Just realized that a “snuggie” is really just a robe that you put on backwards. #
  • Dr. Appt at 10. Then client call at 11:00 and lunch at Boudreaux at 11:30. I wonder if I can fit it all in? #
  • @robba Haha. Are my clients cyberstalking me? Methinks yes. #
  • I spend too much time with three (inter) faces every day: my mac, my tv, and my blackberry. I’ve forgotten what it means to interact in 3D. #
  • Just now realized I missed a lot of replies on Twitter. Thanks TweetDeck! #
  • At the Honda Dealership watching Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel. That brother will eat anything, blood sausage, fire ants, lizard. #
  • Need to rent out a place in Dallas that look like this: for a 3 day photo shoot. Must have killer views. #

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