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DFW Blogger Meetup – Because We’re Cool Like That

Or at least Texas Holly and Miss-Elaine-ous are cool like that. Thank you ladies for planning such a great event!

About a month ago my friend Jes sent me an email that read, “DFW Blogger Dinner Party planned for February 28th” and I replied immediately, “I’m in!” I mean you are combining 3 of my favorite things: Food, People and Blogging. How could I say no?  The only thing more tempting would be a pillow fight with Giselle Bundchen, Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks.

When the date for the blogger party finally rolled around my best friend Joe came into town for a wedding and so I forced him to come along with promises of delicious food and fun people. Unfortunately for the price the food wasn’t all that delicious, but the people more than made up for it.

When Joe and I first arrived at the Grand Lux and we saw this gaggle of women all standing around I turned to Joe and said, “Do you want to stay or should we just go someplace else?” I was feeling a little out of place and that is when Texas Holly swooped in and introduced herself and then I met Jay and Jenny B and I was suddenly at home. In a group of strangers I need only a couple of nice faces to bring me out of my shell and then look out! Seriously, look out, because I have a tendency to try to dominate the conversation and put on a show. As Britney says, “There are two types of people in the world, the kind that entertain and the ones that observe.” I’m the one that entertains… or I try to.

At my table: Bianca, Jes, Laurie, Jean, Jenny, Anything But Nice and of course Joe. We had a great time talking about everything and nothing and then the ladies at my table started hovering together and talking about Twilight – here is where I piped up and said, “My name is Edward!” – what I didn’t divuldge was that I am also a Vampire and that the Twilight series was based loosely on my life.

At the end of the night I zipped down to the other end of the table and met Natalie and Dorsey and a few other cool ladies. I think part of the reason I feel right at home with a group of ladies is that I have two older sisters and I graduated from Texas Woman’s University and because women like me. I always smell like chocolate and I look huggable and women like hugs and chocolate.

Photo is courtesy of Jenny B.


It was very nice meeting all of you ladies and gentleman. I hope we can do this again soon!

P.S. Jean left a comment and so I have updated her blog site address! Yeah!

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