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Tweets for 2009-02-27

  • Watching Survivor and just finished restoring a file I accidentally deleted off a clients server. Erin at Liquid Web I love you. #
  • @nubied boudan? Isn’t that meat filled? Sausage? Sausage was invented so that lips and ears and such wouldn’t be wasted. #
  • Raise your hand if you want Allison and Adam Lambert to sing a duet. #
  • 30 Rock- Alec Baldwin+Salma Hayek having sushi delivered. It’s like the writers of this show have peered into my fantasies. FYI – I’m Alec. #
  • : when I see people with more Facebook friends than me I am like, “Yeah, right. As if…” #
  • @debbas Did you read Tancer’s book “Click”? Pretty interesting stuff. #
  • @punchpizza delighted to find you on Twitter since you don’t seem to be in Dallas. I had you first in Minnesota. Good Memories. Great Pizza! #
  • Looking at the guest room today and I don’t like the paint color that I just painted it. It’s too blue and not enough green! Grrrr. #
  • Just dropped some coin at World Market. #
  • @rondostar October! Haa! #

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