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Tweets for 2009-02-25

  • I’m wondering if The Biggest Loser is going to be canceled tonight due to Obama’s Speech. I need to see people losing weight! #
  • Day 3 of the trivia contest is up top prize is $200 in gift cards… #
  • Watching “Candy” with Heath Ledger (2006) A Couple’s Relationship Turns Tragic When They Forgo Love For Heroin. didn’t know about this one. #
  • RT @garymccaffrey has a crazy idea. 19,530 new twitter followers in 30 days? Check it out #
  • Watching Coldplay Concert. That Chris Martin is dead sexy. Self-deprecating+ British accent+enviable good looks+he sings. I hate/love him #
  • Just masticated an apple. Now it’s skeleton is decaying on a plato chico on my mesa de cafe. #
  • @anthonybarba Glad to spread love about cool sites like iliketotallyloveit! #
  • @wescrawford I thought the whole point of the plunging v-neck was to show off and accentuate the man boobs? No? #
  • @maggie what about whe Christian Siriano from Project Runway says it as in “Hot Tranny Mess”? #
  • Lowes Cashier notices my medical bracelet “did you paint right after getting out of the hospital?” Me: “Yes. The Mental Hospital” #

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