Do You Posted Note? Trivia Game 3

1. I wrote a post about an ice cream truck and I said I wouldn’t eat anything out of that ice cream truck except this particular ice cream.
2. In my post titled “Celebrity Couples” who “has it all, brains and looks”?
3. “Before I knew it you were gone, all gone, except for the lingering taste of ginger and spice that you had left on my lips.”  What is the title of this post?
4. “Please don’t contact me because then I would have to talk to you and that would just ruin everything we have” – This line is from a Craig’s List Best of Post – what is the title of the post on my site that this is from.
5. In this post, what is aligned?
6. Finish this sentence, “Gas is a pain in the butt to stop and buy. It costs money and eats up precious minutes that I could be using to do something productive, like eating…”
7. According to the “Manly Manual” what are the four basic food groups for men?
8. According to the “Manly Manual” God created Eve with a special ability to ________?
9. Manly men or even non manly men,  do not know how to tear _______?
10. Would You, Could You, With a Goat? Who is the governor mentioned in this poem?

Having trouble with any of the questions? Feel free to leave me a comment on this post and I will give clues and hints in the comments section.

Just a reminder. Leave a comment on the site tomorrow, the 26th, in order to enter the contest. Must have all the right answers to win. Comment as many times as you like and increase your odds of winning exponentially!

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