Do You Posted Note? Trivia Game 2

1. “Our love is like a bowl of queso, spicy and rich if I may say so” – What is the name of the poem that this line is from? (Hint: I wrote it, it is on this site)
2.  In one of my posts, I was a Gordito Bandito. What is the name of the city on the Shirt that I am wearing in that post?
3. In the blog post Five Loaves. Two Fishes and a Pack of Newport Kings, I bought a lady a sandwich. What was her name?
4. On this post, the Wheel. Of. Butt landed on what?  
5.  What Shamu Taught Me About Marriage – What does L.R.S. Stand for?
6. In the short story Meredith’s Regret, what did the little black creatures compel Meredith to do?
7. I used to write multiple blogs, this one was about what?  
8.  On this site there is a cartoon picture, “What is the response to ‘Whoa Nice Melons!'” ?  
9.  On this site who was “A supercallous fragile mystic hexed by hallitosis.”? 
 10. In this post, Aiden’s swimming pool is what? 

These are only slightly harder than yesterday’s Trivia questions, but tomorrow they will be the hardest!

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