My World is a Snow Globe

It’s only pretty when someone is shaking it up. 

As I watch the pieces of my life swirl around me I’m reminded that I like it like this. In the last few days I have found a new volume of laughter that was before untapped. I’ve enjoyed quiet moments just listening to the silence and allowing the world around me to move in its frenzied pace like a billion worker bees hopped up on caffeinated nectar. 

My only hope is not that my life won’t be shaken up again, but that I won’t be shelved and forgotten. I hope to always be fascinating to someone, a tiny moment of joy on a child’s face, a sweet memory, a flurry of dreams coming true. 

My world is a snow globe.

By Evan Stark

Eddie Renz is an avid fan of Egyptology, Wilbur Smith and bacon. Not a fan of humility but often finds himself humbled when he is around people who understand numbers like the Fibonacci sequence and Pi.

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